How to Hire & Manage SaaS Sales Teams

April 5, 2017 In our previous post, we offered ‘4 Best Practices’ for how to sell SaaS technology products to enterprises throughout Europe—from choosing the right country as your entry point, to how to act like a local in each territory. In this post, we’ll talk... read more

How to Sell Trust

March 1, 2017 TRUSTe offers a broad range of solutions to help businesses manage all aspects of data privacy management. From consulting to help define a company’s privacy strategy, to privacy assessments and certifications, to their SaaS platform with modules... read more

Inbenta – “Everyday A.I.”

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) sounds futuristic, but it is making its way into everyday tasks. Inbenta, which specializes in Natural Language Processing and semantic search, is focusing its AI solution on better website customer service – intelligent bots that can... read more
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