We provide all the services that fast-growing companies need to establish an effective sales force in every country within Europe

  • Account Directors
    (On-Demand Part time or Full time)
  • Channel Management
    Channel & E / Retail development
  • Technical Support
    (Sales engineers & technical support)
  • Sales Management Services
    (Regional or global management and visibility)
  • Lead Generation
    (Email / Tele / InMail Marketing)
  • Sales & Marketing Support
    (Market entry strategies & localized marketing)

Within 30 days of your first call with SFE, we can launch an experienced sales force anywhere in Europe:

  • Low Risk
    Contract team, no European employment laws to deal with
  • Speed-to-Market
    Sales teams trained and engaged in 1 months vs. 6+ months for direct hires
  • Senior Talent
    Access to the right caliber of people who deliver revenue
  • Local Knowledge
    Tap into existing channels, buyer accounts, and local relationships
  • Simple
    Scalable; one contract across all of Europe; controlled costs
  • Effective
    First revenues within 6 months on average, ROI of 300% - 500%+

Over the years, we have developed areas of specialized expertise:

  • Service Providers
    Mobile, Fixed, MSPs, Media - apps and infrastructure
  • Enterprise/Cloud
    Apps, Networking, SaaS, Security & Social
  • Consumer Electronics
    Wearables, Accessories, Games & Entertainment
  • Channel
    Distributors, Resellers, Retailers & Etailers