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SFE – “selected by Continuent to develop sales outsourcing”

SFE selected by Continuent to develop sales outsourcing. Madrid, 15 September 2012 – Continuent is the leading provider of replication and clustering solutions for MySQL and Oracle. Their Tungsten Enterprise product allows rapidly growing businesses to manage data on economical open source DBMS without migrating data or upgrading applications.

Tungsten Enterprise operates equally well in cloud as well as on-premise deployments.
Customers include American Express, AT&T, Constant Contact, F-Secure, Financial Times, Juniper Networks, Hearst Magazines UK, Marketo, Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, Sony Music Entertainment, Thomson Reuters and, an Amazon company. The largest Tungsten Enterprise deployment processes close to 1,000,000,000 (billion) transactions per day over 150TB of managed data.

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