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Sales Force Europe expands services to Southeast Asia

Sales Force Europe enters South East Asia – Pacific with an Australia-based Sales Partner. One year after starting sales in Latin America, SFE opens new territories by bringing in Richard von Muenster, a business & sales executive with ten years experience in business development and implementation in Australian & South East Asian markets in the engineering, government & private sectors.

Richard, who holds a Bachelor degree in Electronic Engineering from the University of South Australia, will be initially active in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Richard will also assist Australian tech companies to expand their sales effort via the SFE network.

In addition to these countries, SFE coverage now includes all of Europe, Russia, Middle East, and major countries in Africa and Latin America.

Rick Pizzoli interviewed by ZDNet

Rick Pizzoli interviewed by ZDNet: “How to build a successful sales force, anywhere in the world.”

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Source: ZDNet


Sales Force Europe – “to develop sales for Tesnet in France and Italy”

Tesnet Group (TASE:TESNET), founded in 1997, is the world’s first publicly-traded Quality Assurance and Testing company.

Tesnet Group develops, implements, and delivers complete, methodology-based testing solutions for its clients’ mission-critical applications and has positioned itself as a market leader and trendsetter. With six regional offices, an international team of more than 300 experts and more than 300 clients worldwide, Tesnet Group has become synonymous with uncompromising professionalism, ground-breaking innovations, a reliable and transparent partnership with customers, and top-quality customer service.

Tesnet Group combines its expertise in enterprise applications (ERP, CRM, DWH, Billing, e-Biz, Conversion, Real Time, Security, etc.) with in-depth knowledge of the broadest range of major industrial sectors – telecom, services, retail, finance, high-tech, insurance, pharmaceuticals, utilities, government and defense.

Tesnet Group is a proud member of the Amanet Group (TASE:AMANET) which was founded in 1970 and operates as a multi-disciplinary systems house offering a wide range of solutions in the area of industrial management, engineering and logistics.

Source: Tesnet Group