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Sales Force Europe – “selected by PhishMe to develop sales in the UK”

PhishMe, Inc – – is based in Northern Virginia, just outside of Washington, DC, with additional offices in New York City. PhishMe is a self-funded software firm that focuses on educating individuals in how to avoid the ever-increasing threat from phishing attacks.

The PhishMe product is an evolution of over 10 years of social engineering assessments the company performed as consultants for customers . As its founding team looked at the results of the annual assessment model it implemented for clients, it realized that to effectively combat phishing attacks, customers needed to combine compelling exercises with dynamic training. puts this idea into practice and is currently in use, training over 3.1 million individuals on how to self-identify spear phishing attacks and avoid falling for the sophisticated bait hackers are launching into organizations each and every day.

SFE’s initial mission is to develop PhishMe business in the UK.

Sales Force Europe