Monthly Archives: June 2013

Memex – “selects SFE to accelerate its European business”

Memex selects SFE to accelerate its European business. Based in Burlington, Ontario, Memex Automation, founded in 1992, offers “Shop Floor to Top Floor” Information – in Real-Time for the discrete manufacturing industry. As a world leader in manufacturing technology Memex specializes in developing many engineered products using advanced R&D and has over 12,000 customers with 280 dealers worldwide. Memex’s vision is to improve the way machines work and connect on the factory floor with Manufacturing Connectivity Solutions, to Automate the Automation, supplying component hardware, memory upgrades, and visionary shop floor communication technology. Their products allow manufacturers to realize the impact of OEE Profitability delivering the “Factory of the Future”, today.

SFE – “to expand international sales outsourcing for DEXMA”

SFE to expand international sales outsourcing for DEXMA. Founded in Spain in 2007, DEXMA is a provider of integrated hardware and software tools that enable full visibility of energy consumption, helping Energy Services Companies (ESCOs), facilities managers, integrators, value-added resellers and other energy professionals to cut costs, manage energy proactively, improve operational performance and increase efficiency and profitability.

DEXMA’s intelligent energy management system – DEXCell Energy Manager – is web-based and hardware-neutral and combines advanced monitoring, analysis, alerts and reporting in an easy-to-use dashboard-based SaaS solution. It communicates with a wide range of meters and devices either via its rapid and reliable DEXGate hardware or through seamless integration with third-party devices.

The company offers its software exclusively through a global network of over 70 partners in 11 countries. It provides its partners with full-scale business support including channel recruiting, training and sales enablement.