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Sales Force Europe – “hired by Latam Training to expand sales in Latin America”

Latam Training is a consulting firm in Functional Competence-based Management, with focus on the continuous improvement of individual and group results in companies, through permanent professional development of the workers, supervisors and middle management, in both operational and commercial areas.

The firm creates and implements personnel management systems designed specifically for each client. These systems incorporate the best practices worldwide in Functional Competence-based Management (FCM) and the latest software tools for providing – via an Online Private Web Platform – information, control and management capabilities, both on a corporate and a country-wide scale: national, regional, local, geographic area, group, person.

Omegawave – “chooses Sales Force Europe to boost its international growth”

Omegawave is the leading provider of training and performance optimizer solutions. Its products help sports enthusiasts, professional athletes, competitive teams and coaches to measure and manage readiness to maximize training and performance.

Founded by former professional athletes and sports scientists, the company is headquartered in Espoo, Finland. The North American regional office is located in Portland, Oregon, and the company has sales representatives in several markets. Omegawave products are sold globally.

Omegawave customers include:

19 Premier European soccer teams, including Manchester United, FC Barcelona, and A.C. Milan
8 National Football Federations
5 recent Champions League winners
5 Olympic Committees, including US and China
Teams from MLS, NHL, and NFL
Various leading sports science and research institutes

More information: OmegaWave