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Hibox Systems – “extends its collaboration with Sales Force Europe to Latin America”

Hibox Systems is a global provider of advanced interactive information and entertainment solutions for consumers and commercial applications. The Hibox middleware platform has been successfully deployed for IPTV and OTT use by hotels, ISP’s and broadband providers, along with healthcare facilities, ships and offshore oil platforms.

Hibox Systems is headquartered in Finland with an international business development office in Vienna, Austria. Since December 2007, the company has been part of Anvia Group, a growing ICT-group with 738 employees and a turnover of 115 MM € in 2012.

SFE – “engaged by DataPartner to accelerate business”

SFE engaged by DataPartner to accelerate business. DataPartner -established in 1987 in Finland- is a leading provider of software products for capital budgeting, financial modelling and valuation. The company also offers consulting services and training. Since the beginning, its focus has been on consulting and development of dedicated software for cash flow modelling. In Northern Europe, DataPartner is the number 1 software developer for capital budgeting. In Finland, 50% of the TOP 30 companies use DataPartner products. On a global level, DataPartner serves companies and corporations from all industries in over 40 countries.

Valkee – “selects SFE to increase international sales”

Valkee selects Sales Force Europe to increase international sales. Valkee is a health technology company focused on harnessing the benefits of bright light to the human mind and performance. Based on long-term scientific research and development work together with Finland’s Oulu University, Valkee introduced the world’s first bright light headset in 2010. Clinically tested to remove seasonal affective disorder symptoms from nine out of tenstudy participants, the Valkee user base has already grown to tens of thousands of people in 20+ countries.

Of all Valkee users, 87% recommend Valkee to others. Additional tests and studies concerning the effects of bright light on cognitive and physical performance and jet lag, among other areas, are planned and in progress. Founded in 2007, Valkee headquarters are located in Oulu, Finland.

What America’s Strangest Tech Company Is Really Up To

If there’s a sentence that sums up Amazon, the weirdest major tech company in America, it’s one that came from its own CEO, Jeff Bezos, speaking at the Aspen Institute’s 2009 Annual Awards Dinner in New York City: “Invention requires a long-term willingness to be misunderstood.”

In other words: if you don’t yet get what I’m trying to build, keep waiting.

More information: The Amazon

Why the “Next Silicon Valley” Doesn’t Really Exist

It’s understandable that so many places around the world want to re-create the economic engine of Silicon Valley, as MIT Technology Review wrote about in its recent business report (“The Next Silicon Valley”). But creating another Silicon Valley will be far harder than anyone imagines. That’s because the Silicon Valley ecosystem is now far more sophisticated than just startups.

For one thing, it has a critical mass of serial acquirers, starting with Oracle, Cisco, HP, Intel, and Symantec, and joined in the past decade by companies like Google,, Facebook, and LinkedIn. There is a sizable cluster of Silicon Valley companies with the balance sheets and foresight to make very large acquisitions.

More information: Next Silicon Valley

AFL – “Recipient of BB&T Lighthouse Beam Safety Award”

Spartanburg, SC – AFL, a leading manufacturer of fiber optic cable and accessories, was awarded the BB&T Lighthouse Beam Safety Award, an award program instituted by BB&T Insurance Services, AFL’s insurance broker for workers compensation. Recognition is based on overall safety performance and implementation of effective safety policies and procedures over the previous year. AFL earned the top award of “Excellent,” the highest ranking a company can receive. Less than ten companies in the state of South Carolina qualified for this award.

More information: AFL Global

SFE – “selected by Fractalia to expand sales outside of Spain”

SFE selected by Fractalia to expand sales outside of Spain. Fractalia is Europe’s leading software company in large-scale IT infrastructure management systems, for service providers and Telco operators. It makes device management platforms offering distinctive and competitive services for end users available to large service providers, Telcos and companies. Clients include leading international operators, service providers and top companies, and we are responsible for managing hundreds of thousands of devices around the world.