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Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in the Internet of Things

For solving yet another pain point in building the smart home. Following its game-changing “learning thermostat,” Nest released the Protect smoke detector, again infusing a previously design-neglected home appliance with modern detail and functionality. From the Protect’s hands-free silencer and voice controls to its smartphone notifications and battery monitor, Nest has produced the first nonannoying smoke detector–and picked up $3.2 billion in cash from Google along the way.

For having the bright idea to make smartphone-tethered bulbs. It’s safe to say Philips’s 50 years of LED research has paid off. With a long-coming federal ban on cheap incandescent lightbulbs providing wind at the company’s back, Philips’s Hue lighting system–which is programmable by smartphone to help save on energy bills and produce a multitude of mood-setting shades–will help fuel nearly $2 billion in LED sales for the company by next year.

For unleashing simple connected products for the cautious consumer. When his invention-crowdsourcing startup decided to make a play for the smart-gadget market, CEO Ben Kaufman realized, Who wants to buy a garage door or a lock from a company called Quirky? So he partnered with GE, which not only invested $30 million but shares Quirky’s vision for a simpler connected home that won’t intimidate customers. The first five gadgets hit the market last fall.

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The World’s Most Innovative Companies 2014

If you Google the phrase “faith-based businesses,” the results point to companies that pursue a religious agenda. But there’s another kind of faith in business: the belief that a product or service can radically remake an industry, change consumer habits, challenge economic assumptions. Innovative companies are proof for such innovative leaps is thin, payoffs are long in coming (if they come at all), and doubting Thomases abound. Today, pundits fret about an innovation bubble. Some overvalued companies and overhyped inventions will eventually tumble and money will be lost. Yet breakthrough progress often requires wide-eyed hope.

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Miradore – “disrupts the Mobile Device Management market by launching a free MDM cloud solution”

Miradore is launching a new free cloud-based solution for mobile device management (MDM), to help companies manage the increasing number of mobile devices. Miradore’s cloud solution allows companies to manage the security settings and configurations of all mobile devices that handle sensitive company information, and it also keeps an up-to-date inventory of the devices. The new solution will be offered free of charge, and delivered from the Miradore cloud located in Finland.

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Flexinets – “chooses Sales Force Europe to expand”

Founded in 2000, Flexinets is a Nordic MDO (mobile data operator) with offices in Sweden and Finland. With customers in Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark, the company’s services are deployed to approximately 100 000 users all over the world with a requirement for productivity on the road and structured control of mobility cost.

FlexiNets delivers Remote Access solutions including sales, customization, installation, integration services, hosting services and support. Connectivity is based on the iPass world leading WiFi network with over 2,190,000 access points and complemented with over 260 Mobile Data networks in 137 countries for global 3G access. Integration is provided to most available security (AV, PFW, VPN, and NAC) products and authentication structures. Customization covers the customer interface, billing, reporting and usage analyses.