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Bonjour! Livefyre – “Launches in France”

“Today, Livefyre officially expands into France, marking our second European launch since we announced our UK presence in September 2013. Since then, we’ve garnered more than 25 European-based enterprise customers  including leading publishers and brands like News UK, Times Online, Unilever, The Sun, Fabulous, The Scottish Sun, Decca Records, Time Out Global and Germany’s Motain”.

The list also includes several high-profile French customers, including Le Monde,Liberation and M6.

“France has some of the most well respected media brands in the world,” said Livefyre founder and CEO Jordan Kretchmer. “This high caliber of journalistic quality is complemented by the country’s growing appetite to engage in social media. We have found French publishers and brands eager to offer their readers and fans unparalleled social interactions on their own websites and apps.”

More information: Livefyre

Miradore Newsletter

In this newsletter:

  • Miradore 3.6.4 (On-Premise) released
    • The new version of Miradore introduces basic support for DirectAccess, a feature in Windows Server 2012 that enables direct connections to organizations’ private networks without the need for traditional Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections.
  • MSP Console 1.4.0 (On-premise) released
    • Added usability and browser compatibility improvements to the latest MSP Console version. Additionally, MSP Console server requirements have been updated with the adoption of the .NET 4.5 framework.
  • Windows Phone support added to Miradore Online
    • On June 12th, Miradore introduced Windows Phone support to Miradore Online.
  • Insights about data quality and BYOD challenges
    • Read the blog post by Simo Kari for examples on how poor data quality shows, what kind of consequences it can have, and how it can be addressed.

More information: Miradore Newsletter

PulseOn – “to make heart rate monitoring easier and accurate”

“PulseOn, a Finnish company with talents from Nokia, today launched their IndieGoGo campaign to raise $150,000 for production delivery of their wrist-based optical heart rate monitor in September.”

PulseOn measures your heart rate reliably and accurately from your wrist, without the need for a chest belt, allowing you to get the most out of your training.

PulseOn is a wrist based optical heart rate monitor which brings you a combination of comfort and ease-of-use like you’ve never seen before, to make heart rate monitoring easier than ever. Our small and stylish wrist device measures your heart rate accurately and reliably from your wrist, without the need for a chest belt, allowing you to get the most out of your training. Combined with meaningful insights during and after training, it truly is the world’s easiest heart rate monitoring device, allowing you to optimize your training and maximize the effect.

PulseOn’s proprietary optical heart rate sensor technology is based on our innovation for multi-wavelength measurement. Combined with our highly sophisticated algorithms to extract and analyze heart rate in a wide range of conditions, PulseOn monitors your heart rate continuously during your training events but also beyond. With wireless connectivity to mobile applications, we transform the heart rate data into meaningful feedback on your training, making it truly personalized. PulseOn tells you what your heart rate really means.

From Indiegogo

BACtrack Mobile – “wins Australia’s Good Design Awards”

A smartphone-connected breathalyzer has taken out the top consumer electronics prize at Australia’s Good Design Awards, beating a portable cinema camera, a Kickstarter-funded charging cable and the Leap Motion Controller for the top prize.

The device is compatible with both iOS and Android through a free app, which can save and share results and estimate when the user’s BAC will return to 0.00 per cent.

Designed in San Francisco, the BACtrack connects wirelessly to a smartphone via Bluetooth and uses “police-grade Xtend Fuel Cell Sensor Technology to offer the highest level of accuracy and consistency” when measuring Blood Alcohol Content, according to the creators.

A dedicated Consumer Electronics category included a broad range of product finalists, including the Jump Charging Cable, the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera and even a Braun shaver. However, the BACtrack Mobile Breathalyzer was awarded the Best in Category.

More information: Cnet