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Eyefi Logo

Eyefi Wireless SD Cards with built-in WiFi – make your camera wireless. Upload photos and videos wirelessly to your computer and to the web. The company combines a digital camera’s quality with a phone’s connection to the world, making your entire photo collection available to access, enjoy and share anytime, anywhere.

The company is dedicated to creating products and services that enable consumers to enjoy a secure, magical experience beginning the moment they take a picture and extending to anywhere they wish those images to go. Our pioneering, patented technology and products provide the only way to get high quality pictures from any digital camera to any Internet enabled display device, instantly.

Eyefi products have transferred over 1 billion images from digital cameras to the Internet, mobile devices and PCs. Eyefi’s headquarters is in Mountain View, California and our products are available throughout the world. Our investors include NTT Docomo, Opus Capital, Shasta Ventures and TransLink Capital. Eyefi was founded in 2005.

Sales Force Euope to develop international sales for Infrascale

Infrascale provides the industry’s most comprehensive cloud platform for data protection. Infrascale’s platform delivers cloud backup, disaster recovery, file sharing, and cloud archiving with military-grade security. This Data Protection Platform covers mobile devices, workstations, and physical/virtual servers. Infrascale’s flexible platform protects data in multiple environments: companies’ private cloud, the public cloud or to any of Infrascale’s 12 global data centers. Infrascale’s platform powers over 1,000 independent cloud service companies and MSPs and protects billions of business-critical files.

The Infrascale platform offers a broad set of data protection functions, across a wide range of different devices and operating systems, resulting in the most comprehensive backup and data recovery solution available. The platform significantly reduces the cost and complexity of data protection by combining cloud backup, disaster recovery, file sharing, and cloud archiving in one platform with a unified management dashboard. Whether utilizing a private, public or hybrid cloud, Infrascale’s cloud-native data protection platform is capable of backing up virtually any environment. The company’s recent integration of a data protection appliance into its cloud-based offerings provides on-premise backup and recovery to the cloud while reducing recovery time objectives (RTO) from days to minutes.


Roidu is a software platform for publishing and managing content in standard tablet devices. It can be used for customer insight, market preferences, feedback, lead generation or loyalty campaigns, and can easily be branded with an associated communication message.

Roidu is available for all content providers who may have their own content ready to be presented in tablets. Any mobile ready content, websites or apps containing surveys, register or contact forms, games, competitions, quizzes, videos or animations can be published easily to Roidu managed tablets.

Sales Force Europe selected by Smartling to expand international business

Smartling, Inc. simplifies and accelerates translation and localization for companies reaching a global market. With the first cloud-based enterprise platform for translation management, Smartling helps companies quickly translate and deploy their websites and dynamic Web applications, mobile applications and business documents across the entire corporate digital infrastructure.

Named “Most Innovative Startup” at Dow Jones/Wall Street Journal’s 2011 FASTech 50, Smartling is shaking up the translation and localization industry with the first platform designed to manage the entire translation, localization and delivery process via a scalable SaaS model. Brands that rely on Smartling to launch and manage localized multilingual websites and applications include Foursquare, GoPro, HotelTonight, Path, Pinterest, Shutterstock, Spotify, SurveyMonkey, Vimeo and more. The Smartling platform currently serves billions of page views per month in more than 100 languages across the globe.


Brings Speed-of-Light Optical Switching to European Telcos and Datacenters

CALIENT Technologies, Inc., the global leader for Optical Circuit Switching technology and Sales Force Europe, a provider of on-demand sales professionals who work in 27 countries and 14 languages, today announced a partnership to expand international sales of CALIENT’s S-Series optical switching solutions into Europe.

The partnership will leverage Sales Force Europe’s established relationships with European telco operators, datacenter vendors, and large enterprises to introduce CALIENT’s optical circuit switching technology to European networks. CALIENT’s light-speed switches are used by many of North America’s top ISPs and Internet infrastructure vendors to improve network throughput and lower latency.

“Through our sales partnership with Sales Force Europe, CALIENT is able to immediately address the demand we have from customers in Europe and simultaneously manage our aggressive goals to expand across the region,” said Erik Leonard, CALIENT’s Senior Vice President of Sales and Business Development. “We wanted an experienced team to help drive our sales efforts with service providers, datacenters and partners.”

Sales Force Europe (SFE) helps high-tech companies to launch, develop and expand their sales internationally. With a team of 65+ sales experts, we have successfully introduced more than 100 technology companies into the EMEA and Latin American markets. Sales Force Europe specializes in Telecom, Enterprise/Cloud, Consumer Electronics and Channel Distribution.

“Sales Force Europe is committed to providing our best-in-class sales expertise to expand adoption of CALIENT’s Optical Circuit Switching technology throughout Europe,” said Rick Pizzoli, CEO of Sales Force Europe. “With our elite group of sales professionals, our mission is to optimize CALIENT’s revenue and streamline their sales operations across European markets. We are thrilled to partner with CALIENT as they are the leader in their space.”

Data centers and Internet service providers use optical circuit switches in their networks to provide very low latency, high-speed transport networks for persistent traffic flows. CALIENT switches are popular among cloud datacenters and service provider networks where their small size, ultra-low power consumption, and unlimited scalability are enabling new breakthroughs in reducing network costs and improving efficiency.

About Sales Force Europe

Sales Force Europe provides contract sales teams that accelerate time-to-market and minimize risk for companies seeking to expand sales in Europe and other international markets. Successful companies including Livefyre, Streetline, and RingCentral have tapped Sales Force Europe to quickly and profitably expand their businesses abroad. Sales Force Europe’s on-demand sales professionals efficiently and effectively represent companies abroad and use local market knowledge and sales contacts to manifest revenues quickly. We work in 27 countries and 14 languages throughout Europe and can be contracted on a part-time or full-time basis.

About CALIENT Technologies

CALIENT Technologies is the global leader in pure photonic Optical Circuit Switching with systems that enable dynamic optical layer optimization in next generation datacenters, software defined networks, and media production facilities worldwide.  CALIENT’s 3D MEMS switches provide optical path switching at up to seven-times lower cost than conventional packet-based solutions. The company designs and builds its systems using its own state-of-the-art MEMS Fab facility located at its corporate headquarters in Santa Barbara, California.