Monthly Archives: April 2015


CaseOnIt, serves major mobile and fixed operators in Spain to delivers customer experience enhancing products that reduce costs, increase revenues, promote loyalty and drive new revenue streams. CaseOnIt has partnered with Sales Force Europe to expand its sales beyond Spain.

CaseOnIt creates technology targeted to measure and enhance customer experience of mobile services.  Case uses a three-stage method using the latest technologies and creative business models, to deliver products that solve client challenges.

KDPOF and SFE partner to bring gigabit communication technology to Europe

KDPOF, Knowledge Development for Plastic Optical Fiber, who delivers networking solutions in the home, automotive and industrial networking markets has teamed up with Sales Force Europe to expand its sales in Europe.

KDPOF, a silcon valley company, has developed a high spectral efficiency communication technology that leverages the capacity of large core POF Plastic Optical Fiber (POF) and can be implemented with standard microelectronic technology.

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