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Tellabs and Nannak Group tap Sales Force Europe to expand sales internationally

MADRID, SPAIN July, 13, 2015 – In an important step forward for both companies, Tellabs and Nannak Group have selected Sales Force Europe to help them increase sales internationally.

We will provide Tellabs and Nannak Group with immediate sales presence throughout Europe to increase visibility and adoption of their solutions and services. By partnering with Sales Force Europe, Tellabs and Nannak Group aim to increase the number of opportunities their technology and services provide and create productive and profitable relationships via our network.

About Tellabs
Tellabs, a leading provider of passive optical network (PON) fiber based solution. It delivers the bandwidth that residents require for their current devices and voice, data and video applications. In addition, as a result of fiber’s nearly unlimited bandwidth, Tellabs Optical LAN can support migration to next-generation technologies, such as voice-over-IP (VoIP), integrated music systems, exterior surveillance and access control, all without requiring infrastructure replacement.

Tellabs helps customers connect through our optical network technologies. For years, telecom companies have deployed fiber-based networks and have trusted Tellabs to help them deliver carrier-grade reliability and performance.

About Nannak Group
NANNAK Group aims to transform the global travel industry, through the integration of technology and smartphone applications to daily travel needs.

NANNAK Travel Group, has created the inTRANSIT solution, a social networking tool aimed at the travel industry. It enhances one’s travel experience by improving both the means of communication with other travelers and the quality of time spent at airports.

inTRANSIT gives access to the ‘inTRANSIT Lounge’ that opens up a world of opportunity to meet like-minded travellers. With our special duty-free deals and promotions, the time at airports waiting to board a flight will just flies.

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