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Video: Sales Outsourcing Story About Sales Force Europe: Our Way

Sales outsourcing and go-to-market sales in Europe can be daunting for American tech companies and failure is expensive. If you know someone that may have Europe on the 2016 radar, then this short YouTube will increase their chances of success.

Video Transcript:

Since the beginning of time, we’ve always wanted to go further, cross the oceans and conquer new frontiers at great risks, costs, and delays. Opportunities were achieved by the wise.

This is a story of Sales Force Europe. Imagine a man, a man with an idea, an idea that turns into a business and a company that wants to grow. The question is, “How can the company reach new markets?”

One way to begin is by taking hundreds of planes, opening new offices, hiring people, paying for lawyers, all while losing track of the goal – revenue and profit.

Is there a better way? Here is where Sales Force Europe comes in. How do we work?

One, we get to know the company and propose a strategy.

Two, we test markets before major investments are made.

Three, we prepare SFE people located in qualified target markets to be part of the client’s team.

Four, we find customers, close deals and grow revenue and profits, all in the name of our clients.

The Sales Force Europe service has many benefits. Cost savings, fast time to market, reduced risks, clear objectives, local knowledge of the target markets, experienced team and achieving revenue and profit objectives without the headaches of flights, recruitment and offices.

That makes the man with the idea a very happy man indeed.

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Graebel Companies is a global organization that administers the full suite of employee and commercial office relocation, mobility management, workplace and consultative services for the Global 100, Fortune 500 and mid-sized companies. On-the-ground services are managed in 165 countries on six continents. The world headquarters is located in Aurora, Colorado USA with centers throughout the Americas, APAC and EMEA regions. Known for its industry-first innovations, Graebel holds numerous quality and security credentials, and has earned accolades from clients and from within its industry for its best-in-practice performance, market intelligence research and corporate social responsibility initiatives across the globe.

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Rebalancing Our Tech Sales Portfolio: What Hedge Funds Can Teach You About Global Sales Strategy

What Hedge Funds Can Teach You About Global Sales Strategy

Any savvy financial advisor knows the importance of a balanced portfolio, and this is also true for global sales strategies. In my next series of mini-blogs I will apply a variety of approaches to evaluate sales opportunities in Europe specifically for U.S. technology companies.

The bullish “highs” in emerging markets ranging from Sao Paulo to Shanghai has been quite addicting for US corporations, the stock market, especially given the dynamics resulting from the US quarterly-earnings CEO fiat. I believe it’s time to re-balance our sales portfolio and return our attention to Europe, where there is a very specific export opportunity for America’s most cutting edge technology companies, many of them early stage and venture funded.

Let’s begin with the largest opportunity for technology companies, which is ITC infrastructure required for hosting the latest and greatest technologies — whether it be the Internet of Things, Big Data, Cloud Computing, Cyber-Security, Smart Grid, or variety of enterprise applications delivered through mobile broadband networks.

Seven of the top 10 most tech-ready countries are in Europe according to the 2015 Global Information Technology Report, published by INSEAD in partnership with the World Economic Forum and Johnson Cornell University. As a result of this infrastructure, European regions such as the Nordics, DACH, Benelux, and British Isles have higher percentages of their populations in knowledge-intensive jobs and workforces that can benefit from the mentioned technologies.

This is where we come in. We offer American technology companies the ability to quickly and efficiently expand into Europe with flexible, on demand, senior sales managers with a rolodex. You can put sales “boots on the ground” in Europe a lot more quickly, with less risk, and with a lower investment than if you tried to set up the whole thing on your own. We enable you to operate in multiple European countries at the same time, utilizing full and part-time in key countries. You can save money and certainly beat your American competitors to market while advancing your sales agenda in Europe.

Stay tuned for more!

Albert M. Costilo
Vice President, Business Development

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Sales Force Europe  is proud to announce that STOWER ENERGY has selected us for outsourced sales throughout Europe. STOWER makes eco-friendly portable power chargers for consumer electronic devices.

STOWER has two main products: Flame Stower and Candle Charger. Flame Stower uses the energy from a campfire or portable grill to charge any mobile device. It is the smallest and lightest product in its class, and also the most flexible. Candle Charger is meant for households to charge devices during power outages, and uses candles or fuel canisters. Both products work by creating a hot/cold temperature differential that produces electricity using a proprietary Thermoelectric Generator (TEG).

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