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SFE Goes Hipster, Is Hired to Sell eCigarettes Into European Retailer Channels

Vaping from e-cigs has become a worldwide phenomenon. And it’s 95% less harmful than conventional cigarettes, according England’s National Health Services; some European health insurance companies are actually compensating their policy holders to make the switch.


NEXVAP, based in Switzerland, has taken e-cigs to the next level with award-winning product design and trendy e-liquids — turning vaping it a fashion statement.

What SFE is Doing For NEXVAP

To help the company massively expand product distribution into consumer and electronics retailers, NEXVAP hired Sales Force Europe. Our unique ‘on-demand’ sales model lets NEXVAP enter new territories quickly and cost-effectively, while our experienced sales professionals bring with them established channel relationships, which speeds time-to-market from months to just weeks.


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Realytics – “TV Advertising Gets Better Metrics with Realytics”

TV Advertising Gets Better Metrics; Sales Force Europe to Sell SaaS Analytics Service to Advertisers and their Agencies

At a time when advertisers are developing more cross-media campaigns, and the ‘second screen’ becomes a critical piece of every marketing program, Realytics brings detailed analysis and optimization of the TV channel. Better Metrics with Realytics develops an online analytics platform that accurately measures the ‘drive to web’ impact and ROI of a TV ad campaign.

Realytics has chosen Sales Force Europe’s on-demand sales force and extensive buyer contacts to sell its SaaS service to advertisers and their agencies in Europe.

About Realytics

Realytics develops and markets a SaaS analysis platform that allows advertisers to accurately measure the impact and ROI of a TV ad campaign and optimize their media plan. Decision making is facilitated by the provision of several KPIs and dashboards that allow easy comparison of TV spots according to the channel, day, time slot, and other metrics.


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IneoQuest – “Teams with Sales Force Europe”

IneoQuest Hires Sales Force Europe to Sell Video Analytics & Performance Monitoring Technology Throughout Europe


As video becomes more pervasive online, ISPs and telcos need to monitor online video quality and assure that subscribers’ multi-screen and OTT viewing experience is optimal. Enter IneoQuest. Video service and content providers rely on their pioneering methods and video analytics to ensure delivery of all video services including multi-screen and OTT, linear broadcast TV, and video on demand (VOD) to any device.

We are pleased to announce that IneoQuest has hired Sales Force Europe to sell its real-time monitoring and analytics technology – leveraging our footprint of experienced sales professionals located throughout Europe.

About IneoQuest

IneoQuest proviced the world’s leading media companies and service providers with the critical insight needed to keep viewers engaged on any device, and across any network. Recognized as an industry leader and innovator by Deloitte, Red Herring, Frost & Sullivan and others, IneoQuest’s patented solutions continue to set the standard for measuring video quality and viewer behavior.

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THRON: Sales Force Europe’s Sales Teams to Expand THRON Expands Across Europe”

THRON Expands Across Europe


Digital assets are the new crown jewels within a company, and THRON’s technology platform manages those assets – whether to provide an employee extranet within an enterprise or to power a new customer offering for a media company or telco. THRON’s platform simplifies digital content management and distribution and also analyses distributed content and usage behavior in order to make recommendations to improve communication efficiency.

With offices in London, Milan and Padua, THRON’s clients include Valentino, Canon, GlaxoSmithKline, RTL 102.5 Radio, MSC Cruises, Eataly, Generali, Levissima, Brunello Cucinelli, Furla, Carrefour, Giovanni Rana, Thun, Unieuro, Armando Testa, among others.

THRON is now working with Sales Force Europe to expand sales throughout the rest of Europe.


THRON is the next generation Digital Asset Management solution for marketers to control content and know their audience.

THRON enables companies to efficiently centralize, distribute and leverage their content in real-time, across all digital channels, allowing brands to understand user interests and deliver relevant content to increase engagement and retention.

THRON provides customers with a full-scale solution to impact sales cycle, protect brand identity, increase user retention and boost business performance.

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