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Digital marketing campaigns become more creative and more sophisticated every year, and Qualifio develops the technology used to design, publish, and measure these campaigns. The company has grown successfully in France and United Kingdom, attracting well-known customers including l’Oreal, Le Parisien, Bridgestone, Y&R, Total, and dozens more.

Seeing an opportunity to expand their sales throughout the rest of Europe, Qualifiio evaluated the cost of establishing sales teams in each country and decided instead to hire Sales Force Europe’s on-demand sales professionals, who are already in-country. We now on board to sell Qualifio into the marketing departments of major ad agencies, media companies and consumer products brands in the UK and throughout Europe.

About Qualifio

Qualifio is a web-based software platform for digital marketers to create and host quizzes, contests, sweepstakes, and other interactive customer engagement campaigns. The company works with media, agencies and brands to attract new website visitors, increase registrations, and qualify and monetize their audiences.

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Brainwave – “SFE Secures Expansion Success for Brainwave”

Security breaches of sensitive data make news headlines almost daily, and are especially serious for companies in regulated industries like financial services. The French software vendor Brainwave is a global leader in providing access rights security analytics to help stop these security breaches from happening – saving millions in liability costs, and protecting corporate reputations and customer privacy.

Sales Force Europe is pleased to announce that Brainwave has hired our outsourced sales services to expand their sales reach to 27 countries throughout Europe, resulting in a sales footprint 4x larger than their current territories in France, Canada, and North America. Our team of experienced sales professionals brings their existing buyer contacts and relationships within large enterprises to quickly gain sales traction for Brainwave.

About Brainwave

Brainwave’s flagship product is ‘Brainwave Identity GRC,’ an out-of-the-box solution for audit and control of enterprise user access rights to IT systems: access accounts, roles, financial transactions, directory access, and more.

By using Brainwave Identity GRC, enterprises from industrial sectors and regulated industries can significantly reduce their risks of fraud and data leaks by ensuring that access rights to sensitive information are managed on a need-to-have basis. Unlike traditional identity management solutions, the Brainwave solution can be up-and-running in just days, and can secure 100% of all enterprise applications and data.