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Mobile Posse – “Send in the (Sales) Posse”

Consumers look at their phones more than 100 times per day and they spend 26 percent of their time on their home screens—which makes the mobile home screen the most valuable real estate on the planet. Bessemer Venture Partners estimates its value at $1 Billion per ¼ square inch!

Mobile Posse is harnessing the mobile home screen as an engagement platform (called AppEnvoy) for content delivery, targeted advertising, campaign management, CRM, and other consumer interactions. To introduce the AppEnvoy SaaS platform to mobile carriers, Mobile Posse sought out Sales Force Europe for our established telco contacts and in-country sales teams.

About Mobile Posse

Mobile Posse is revolutionizing consumer engagement on the most valuable real estate on mobile phones – the home and lock screens. Mobile Posse is building on a business-proven and consumer-friendly platform that has delivered more than 60 billion messages to help mobile carriers reconnect with their mobile customers, drive the highest engagement and generate new revenue.

Jetlore – “E-Commerce Retailers Get Personal”

The utopian vision of e-commerce lets every customer enjoy an individualized shopping experience—but only if some algorithm can tell the browser what product to display to whom. Jetlore’s SaaS solution uses behavioral, contextual, customer-contributed, and product data to rank and predict the most relevant content that will make each customer’s online shopping experience unique, engaging, and profitable.

Jetlore’s customers include many of the top names among the Internet Retailer 500 in the United States, and to expand their sales footprint into Europe they sought the expertise and connections provided by Sales Force Europe and our teams of in-country sales professionals.

About Jetlore
Founded in 2012 by Stanford PhD students and accelerated at Stanford’s StartX, Jetelore’s passion is building predictive big data technologies. Over the course of four years, the company has built and refined technologies that address the unique requirements of providing fresh, personalized and delightful customer experiences.

Today, Jetlore helps retailers transition from transactional to relationship commerce through its personalized content orchestration technology. Led by Stanford data scientists and industry veterans, Jetlore is pioneering relationship commerce technology to create a new engine of repeatable revenue and margin growth in e-commerce. Jetlore is backed by tier-one VCs including Alsop Louie Partners, Holtzbrinck Ventures, Charles River Ventures, and Sierra Ventures.

EzyInsights: European News Publishers Will be Hearing from Sales Force Europe

News publishers online live and die by the website traffic generated by their articles and content. Advertising rates depend on these publishers being able to show their advertisers strong traffic –and solid metrics to prove it. EzyInsights is the tool that top news publishers in Europe use to do that.

Sales Force Europe was hired by EzyInsights to expand company sales from its current base in Finland to the rest of Europe, leveraging our deep networks of enterprise buyer contacts.

About EzyInsights

EzyInsights tracks engagement on hundreds of thousands of stories daily, helping newsrooms use data to increase their traffic.