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InsightNow – Customer Experience Strategy and Design

Insight Now was founded in 2007 with the purpose of collecting the voices of customer and employees and using this insight to develop easy customer journeys for their customer’s customers.

As digital channels develop both the amount of feedback available and the richness has increased. Whilst their purpose remains the same our emphasis has moved from gathering structured feedback to a much greater reliance on understanding what customers are saying and feeling in their free text comments. They are able to unpack and classify comments into actionable themes with  associated positive and negative sentiments to create a much more accessible and engaging means of understanding customer feedback that connects and resonates through all parts of of their clients organisation.

This enables them to  provide  direct line of sight between strategic intent and the actual customer experience and identify opportunities for real-time service recovery through to  elimination of glitches and their root causes that prevent the intentional experiences being delivered.

OnTruck – On-time Delivery App

OnTruck provides a platform for shipping regional freight has teamed up with Sales Force Europe. OnTruck has been sending pallets in Spain and is now expanding to the UK. Shippers can get an instant price quote and the next minute a lorry is on its way. OnTruck offers the highest quality of service by offering real time tracking service status for all shipments. 
The road haulage industry has been trapped in the same way of doing things for the past 30 years, with complex telephone transactions that could be speeded up and more efficient using the right technology. OnTruck is a European company dedicated to bringing the road freight transport industry to the 21st century.
Their team has more than 10 years of experience in similar challenges. They have provided solutions to tens of thousands of companies and tens of millions of users.

Lemonbeat – End-to-End Internet of Things Communication Backbone

Lemonbeat, at its core, is a Smart Device Language. Flexible, simple and universal, it allows seamless communication between all sorts of connected devices, from complex autonomous systems right down to a simple light switch – all on the same basis. Very little storage capacity is needed, so there’s no need for light versions for small devices.
Lemonbeat, based in Dortmund, Germany, was established in October 2015, and is a 100% subsidiary of Innogy SE (RWE Group) — one of Europe’s largest utility companies with many years of experience in Smart Home applications — and that means Lemonbeat is one of the most important backbones for lean metering and lean building management.

NephoScale – Multi-Tenant OpenStack Distribution For Service Providers

Sales Force Europe is pleased to announce that NephoScale has hired our accelerated sales service to expand their sales reach to 27 countries throughout Europe. Our largest group of clients are SaaS and business software providers, so it’s exciting to help grow this solution that can help them scale stably. 

NephoScale is a cloud technology company that has developed the NephOS OpenStack-based cloud software stack. The members of the core NephoScale engineering team are all pioneers in the cloud computing industry, and have previously developed and deployed two different IaaS (infrastructure as a service) public cloud platforms starting as early as 2005.

Try NephoScale for a turn-key public, private or hybrid open stack cloud solution running on your hardware.

The NephOS software stack is a combination of proprietary technology, and multiple open source software technologies, that extensively leverage commodity x86 hardware for network, compute, and storage to achieve a combination of low price, maximum flexibility, and high performance. NephOS is the industry’s only turnkey multi-tenant service-provider-grade software stack that provides a full stack installer empowering a Linux administrator to do an unassisted deployment in only 24 hours. Additional automated upgrade and asset management systems make NephOS the easiest multi-tenant software stack to deploy and manage.

mmuze – Deep-Domain Conversational AI for eCommerce

mmuze was established to leverage big data on the web to create the best mobile shopping experience for businesses. Now it’s your virtual shopping assistant for business! Mobile messaging platforms will be the new normal for online shopping – Now is the time for businesses to jump in.

mmuze artificial intelligence is savvy enough to amiably chat with customers and offer them the perfect product.  It also plays a critical role in notifying businesses what’s trending, enabling optimal product offerings.