3 Pre-Requisites To Sales Outsourcing

Since 2003, SFE has served over 100 Clients from the USA, Canada, China, Taiwan, Russia, Poland, India, Israel, Finland, UK, France, Italy, Switzerland, Spain & Portugal.

Get access to high-performance sales professionals with established buyer contacts. Learn…

  • – How to Package your Product.

  • – How to Choose the Right Time.

  • – How to Analyze your ROI.

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We provide all the services that fast-growing companies need to establish an effective sales force in every country within Europe.

Rick Pizzoli

Rick Pizzoli

CEO and Founder

Rick Pizzoli is CEO and founder of Sales Force Europe, a team of 60+ ‘on-demand’ sales professionals working in 27 countries and 14 languages throughout Europe

Albert Costilo

Albert Costilo

Business Development, USA

Albert Costilo is a multilingual business executive and former expat with over 20 years leading global go-to-market sales expansion for Fortune 500 and venture-funded technology companies.