Talea: Media Sales Platform

Talea Solutions was launched in 2014 to help media companies make success of their media sales. Talea Solutions has an inside media house background and understanding of sales and processes. Talea Solutions has developed a unique media sales platform that gives... read more

Cynny Space: Cloud Object Storage

Cynny Space was founded in 2015 and is part of the Cynny, Galaxy, where 40 engineers gravitate to develop innovative and groundbreaking technologies. Cynny Space’s goal is to provide our clients with the best object storage solution by developing the most... read more

Adazza: Machine Learning for Telecoms

Telecoms power the fabric of daily modern life for people around the world, but they are still stuck using archaic software built in the 90s. Adazza is bringing machine learning to telecoms by taking advantage of the massive advancements in cloud infrastructure and... read more

Bandyer: Video Communications Platform

Bandyer is an innovative online platform that enables video communications anywhere; it is as easy as making a phone call. Through the latest technology, we provide clients with an open platform without barriers or boundaries of usage; Bandyer is a smart solution that... read more
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