Livefyre Case Study

SFE Fast-Tracks Livefyre's International Expansion and Aquisition by Adobe

The Sales Force Europe team launched the social engagement platform on three continents, which became 40% of the global revenue.

"We were tasked to rapidly expand our global footprint in a highly competitive space, and, without the Sales Force Europe territory team, we would not have been able to hit the ground running with relevant local resources nearly as fast had we used the traditional recruitment mode."

Scott Sorochak, SVP Global Sales Livefyre, acquired by Adobe

Sales Force Europe launches Livefyre on three continents and leads them to exit in just three years!

Year 1

  • SFE launches Livefyre in Europe with London based Account Exec
  • SFE closes first $300,000 deal in
  • Livefyre expands SFE team across Europe
  • SFE achieves $1.6 million in new European business by end year
  • Livefyre raises additional $32 million from VCs

Year 2

  • SFE launches Livefyre to Asia and Latin America
  • SFE has a full-time ten-person sales team representing Livefyre
  • SFE achieves $4 million in new European business by end of year
  • 100% of Livefyre International revenue is delivered by SFE team

Year 3

  • SFE achieves $10 million in new European business by end of year
  • SFE team contributes to 40% global sales volume
  • Adobe acquires Livefyre, hires entire SFE Account Team

Meet Livefyre

Livefyre is a San Francisco-based content curation and audience engagement platform that enables Customer to access user generated content that can be streamed in real-time to Customer’s sites, digital billboards, apps, and in-store displays. It is now part of the Adobe suite.

Our Relationship

After five years of traction and funding in North America, Livefyre looked for international growth as they launched their ads platform. Livefyre began by contracting one Sales Force Europe Account Exec to establish a presence in London, supported by our Strategic Sales Director. SFE was selling on behalf of Livefyre in under a month and had closed the first six-figure deal in under three months.

After this initial success, the relationship was expanded to include pan-European sales presence. Livefyre engaged SFE’s experienced tech sales reps already based in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Nordics.

By the end of the first year, the Sales Force Europe-Livefyre team attracted $1.6 million in new European business. These quick wins contributed to Livefyre raising $32 million in Series D, with Adobe and Salesforce Ventures coming on as new investors.

Venture Beat reported that “Livefyre says it will use the cash influx for ‘strategic growth’ areas including R&D, sales, and marketing. A particular focus will also be placed on growing internationally.”

With this in mind, they tasked SFE to repeat our global expansion formula in Latin America and Australia.

After three years of collaboration, when Adobe acquired Livefyre, it only made sense that they bring on the Sales Force Europe-Livefyre team as full-time Adobe staff to continue international growth momentum.

The Sales Force Europe team succeeded because of the perfect combination of local networks, tech sales experience and a great product. SFE fully integrated with the Livefyre U.S. sales team, matching their pipeline growth KPIs, close rate and ROI. SFE provided not only local sales executives, but also business development, marketing and lead generation services, all with local language and cultural knowledge, managed by regional management.

"The Sales Force Europe-Livefyre team hit the ground running and adapted well to the Adobe culture."

Victoria Shaw, Head of mergers & acquisitions, integration, and staff, Adobe