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Sales Force Europe Fast-Tracks SaaS Livefyre to International Expansion and Adobe Acquisition

We were tasked to rapidly expand our global footprint in a highly competitive space, and, without the Sales Force Europe territory team, we would not have been able to hit the ground running with relevant local resources nearly as fast had we used the traditional recruitment mode.

Scott Sorochak, SVP Global Sales, Livefyre

The Sales Force Europe-Livefyre team hit the ground running and adapted well to the Adobe culture.

Victoria Shaw, Head of M&A, Integration, and Staff, Adobe

Read more about our relationship with Livefyre here.

Sales Force Europe helped Livefyre:

  • Launched in 3 continents, achieving 40% global revenue
  • 4 weeks to sign & fully train team; 3 months to close first 6-figure deal
  • No hefty recruiting fees, HR contracts & separation costs
  • 2013: Livefyre launched with SFE; 2016: Livefyre acquired by Adobe
  • Completely integrated team — Adobe hired all key members of the SFE team

Sales Force Europe Leverages Relationships to Help Data Science Adazza Reach Three Continents

For the Telecom space, “You have to have these historical relationships. Everyone we’ve worked with at Sales Force Europe has these relationships. Of course I was skeptical at first because a lot of companies promise this, but Sales Force Europe delivers.

Lead generation in terms of content marketing isn’t going to work with our Telecom customers — you have to have the relationships and all of Sales Force Europe does. We had some relationships through investors and other we’ve built, but once we partnered with Sales Force Europe, the depths of their relationships helped accelerate each sale.

Raymond Rouf, CEO, Adazza

Sales Force Europe helped Adazza:

  • In first six months, brought the startup to Europe, Central Asia, and Africa
  • Built three-continent market analysis and success strategy
  • Targeted only within telecommunications vertical, built on SFE’s execs’ networks
  • This network of telecom providers accelerated customer relationships
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Sales Force Europe Guides SaaS ExtendMedia’s European Strategy Before Cisco Acquisition

In a few months, Sales Force Europe allowed us to identify and qualify prospects in countries where real opportunities existed.

Roger Sherwood, General Manager EMEA, ExtendMedia

Sales Force Europe helped ExtendMedia:

  • 2009: SFE implemented 3-month market qualification across whole of EMEA, to determine key target markets
  • Following months, SFE drove ExtendMedia’s huge growth in Poland, Belelux, France, & Bulgaria
  • 2010: After targeted European Expansion, Cisco acquires ExtendMedia for $80 million
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Sales Force Europe Helps Video Codec Company On2 Technologies Make Europe a Priority before Google Acquisition

Sales Force Europe bought us a five-fold increase of our revenue in Europe in one year.

Bill Joll, CEO, On2 Technologies

Sales Force Europe helped Video Codec On2 Technologies (formerly The Duck Corporation):

  • With no channel plan, On2 was just selling to Europe online, with emails and calls to and from New York.
  • Sales Force Europe started with two agents in London & Paris, splitting Europe North and South.
  • Two sales execs met with all existing clients, channels & prospects, creating a top 50 target customers list.
  • We targeted verticals like telcos, media, ISPs, mobile operators, and manufacturers.
  • In Year One, European sales were quintupled, through channel sales and strategic partners.
  • In Year Two, On2 bought Finish codec developer Hantro; then On2 was bought by Google for $100 million.

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