Adazza is bringing machine learning to telecoms by taking advantage of the massive advancements in cloud infrastructure and computing power to solve real business problems like customer churn.

Telecoms power the fabric of daily modern life for people around the world, but they are still stuck using archaic software built in the 90s. Adazza is changing that.

In our first six months working with Adazza, we have helped this machine learning company launch in Europe, Central Asia, and Africa, all by leveraging Sales Force Europe’s existing executive telecom networks. This was especially true in helping Adazza really make a mark in the tough-to-enter-from-the-outside African telco vertical.

Adazza’s CEO Raymond Rouf said that, for the Telecom space, “You have to have these historical relationships. Everyone we’ve worked with at Sales Force Europe has these relationships. Of course I was skeptical at first because a lot of companies promise this, but Sales Force Europe delivers.”

Sales Force Europe also supported Adazza’s European fundraising efforts.