B4Finance offers a suite of SaaS products to ensure you meet financial regulatory compliance whether you are a wealth manager, an asset manager, or private bank.

B4Finance solutions allow you to focus on client relationships and regulatory compliance with improved security and risk management that includes the flexibility you need to scale.

Sales Force Europe is helping B4Finance bring the following SaaS products to Europe, helping fiscal businesses comply with EU regulations:

  • KYC 34: As a wealth or asset manager, Know Your Customer better expedited onboarding that screens them against watch lists and shows where they fit into the most complicated ownership hierarchies. It also helps you manager all the data and documentation securely.
  • UBO 34: This is B4Finance’s 360-degree portfolio tool that helps you build a tailored investment strategy for your clients based on¬†relationships, assets, liabilities, and benchmarks.
  • DMS 34: This allows you to track and manage all the encrypted files needed to be compliant and run your business faster, including sharing and electronic signature.

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