EasySend is an easy-to-use business tool that allows you to turn the arduous, mistake-filled process of filling out offline forms into a trackable, signable, engaging digital experience.

Whether we like it or not, forms are business as usual. The traditional way of sending forms that need to be downloaded, printed, filled out (with often illegible handwriting), signed, and then scanned and uploaded back is simply antiquated and inefficient.

Use EasySend’s drag-and-drop form builder, and then send your customers a simple link to click on, fill out all the mandatory and non-mandatory fields, and sign electronically. You can track how customers are interacting on that form and the EasySend API allows you to integrate with other SaaS tools already in your workflow, including Salesforce, Oracle, Microsoft, Hubspot, and SAP. It not only makes for highly accurate data, but you can customise forms based on customers, only asking what you need to hear from them.

EasySend empowers you to create a unique customer journey, easing so much paperwork, including:

  • Client onboarding
  • Loan applications
  • Client mobility
  • Stock portfolios
  • Inspection systems

Save time and increase customer satisfaction, implementing all in about a week. Sales Force Europe is excited to help EasySend streamline paperwork around Europe!