IST Networks

For 15 years, IST Networks has been creating exceptional world-class customer experience systems for banking, telco operators, airlines, energy companies and more.

Sales Force Europe has helped this known Middle Eastern SaaS and on-premise customer experience solutions provider gain traction around Europe through our existing business relationships and channel sales, including the 2018 expansion to the UK. Our sales execs are excited to be working with such a well-respected, innovative and advanced tech solution suite.

IST continues to gain honours for its official partnerships with big names like Cisco and Genesys repeatedly naming them Partner of the Year, as well as recognition of exceptional service offered by customers and industry peers alike. IST solutions include on-premise — Cisco Customer Care, Genesys Customer Engagement, and Verint Enterprise Feedback, as well as speech and banking solutions — and then cloud-based solutions, including employee engagement tools, chatbots, sentiment and social data routers, and industry insights.