Orbitax is an 360-degree tax research and compliance solution for ITRCE, integrating tax law changes for 195 countries with tax planning and forecasting.

Since early 2018, our Sales Force Europe sales executives have been meeting with local European leads and closing deals for Orbitax.

Like all successful SaaS companies looking to expand, Orbitax knows very well its intended audience and builds and markets useful, easy-to-use tooling around it. Orbitax has three main tax management products that integrate with your existing systems and international laws to give you a transparent, legal perspective:

  • International Tax Research and Compliance Expert (ITRCE) — a venerable search engine for international tax compliance, embedded into your existing systems with cross-border tax rates, tax treaties, daily tax news updates, country analysis and world-wide tax compliance forms in English
  • Change Reports Tracker (CRT) — tracking the unique tax laws of 195 countries, set up notifications to all the stakeholders when important changes are made
  • Essentials — Essential International Tax Solutions lets organisations create their own entity charts so you can visualise years in advance.