OxCEPT is made up of an elite group of security and communication experts that have made it possible for business to have military-grade authentication security products.

The OxCEPT team has designed, created and patented Hash Commitment Before Knowledge (HCBK) protocol, which was invented at Oxford University, and can now be found the first time commercially via the Scrambl communications app.
OxCEPT’s flagship software, Scrambl is military-grade communication software for teams. The Scrambl app enables teams or individuals to create Private Virtual Channels (PVCs) between any iOS device, over any unsecured network. PVCs can be created in less than 30 seconds, and can be used once and discarded, or left up indefinitely depending on needs.
Scrambl PVCs can be used for text, file transfer, and in upcoming app versions, voice communications.

More information: http://oxcept.com/