TrustArc is privacy compliance and risk management platform with comprehensive technology, consulting and certification solutions.

GDPR, CCPA — just about every week there is a new security and privacy law on the books. Which is great — Sales Force Europe believes that the more big data we have, the more important it is to make sure we are respecting people’s privacy and the law. That’s also why we are proud to have been helping out TrustArc grow its business since 2017.

Based in San Francisco, TrustArc (formerly TRUSTe) has a team of over 150 tech professionals dedicated to developing innovation solutions to common challenges modern, compliant organisations face, particularly in addressing global regulatory and data protection requirements that govern the use of customer and employee information.

Like Sales Force Europe TrustArc understands that different countries have different requirements and you need a well-rounded service with local knowledge to suit those needs.

TrustArc’s award-winning privacy platform addresses all phases of modern, evolving privacy management and compliance including:

  • program development
  • data inventory
  • GDPR compliance (EU)
  • CCPA compliance (USA)
  • risk assessments
  • monitoring
  • compliance reporting
  • AdChoices
  • Cookie Consent

Plus, TrustArc offers strategic consulting to help you make sure your organisation has a clearly mapped overview of your data process to accurately demonstrate your compliance.

With more than eight years’ experience working with large-scale organisations, TrustArc is the top choice for your privacy management, which is why Sales Force Europe is so proud to continue to help this SaaS grow in Europe and beyond.