Adobe is the leading provider of creative apps for business, including Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, and more.

Sales Force Europe is proud to count innovative Adobe among our customers. Back in 2013, Sales Force Europe started with Livefyre — a social content and sentiment business software for brands. Within three months, we had closed their first $300,000 deal, and by the year’s end $1.6 million in new European business development. 2014 saw Sales Force Europe also helping Livefyre expand into Latin America and Australia.

Following their rapid international growth delivered by Sales Force Europe, in 2016, Adobe acquired Livefyre, including turning the ten-person Sales Force Europe team servicing the international expansion into full-time Adobe employees.

“The Sales Force Europe-Livefyre team hit the ground running and adapted well to the Adobe culture,” said Victoria Shaw,  Adobe’s head of mergers & acquisitions, integration, and staff.

Read all about our work with Adobe Livefyre in this case study.

Interop Technologies

Rich Communication Services (RCS) messaging is the next evolution of SMS text messaging. Our Telecommunications and SaaS client Interop Technologies is at the forefront of RCS through messaging, voice and networks.

Whether you are trying to reach customers on 3G, 4G or 5G, Interop is focussed on migrating operators and other communication service providers (CSPs) to the all-IP ecosystem. Interop is an official GSMA RCS aggregator — rich communication services, which take SMS to the next level. This means this American company is bringing to Europe everything local markets need for RCS, from hosting to on-premise to hub networks. 


Shire is a video recruitment platform and applicant tracking system that looks to improve the often frustrating communication of hiring and getting hired. Continue reading Shire


RichRelevance creates modern, persuasive personalized shopping experiences that have led to more than £19 billion in ecommerce sales at big names from Burberry to Walmart. They have truly perfected multi-channel hyper personalization at scale. Sales Force Europe helped this impressive brand launch to 23 countries in six months, across Europe and Latin America.

RichRelevance’s SVP Robb Miller said, “I have successfully used the Sales Force Europe service, which has a network of talent across Europe, North and South America and APAC. Their model is unique in that it includes enterprise sales executives not just lead generation.”

He continued, “By our next fiscal year, we were earning 40% of our revenue abroad.”


Ozmo offers self-service and support agent products to help make knowledgebases useful and customer interactions quick and engaging. With 25 million support  interactions a year, Ozmo helps mobile operators and their consumers solve all their complex device and software issues quickly and effectively.


Corporater is a fully integrated GCR — governance, compliance, and risk management solution. What makes it unique is that it’s combined with performance management. GCR and performance combine to enable a powerful, strategic platform.

SQL Governor

Finland-based SQL Governor (previously DB Pro Oy) is the only software on the market that offers features for both performance monitoring and capacity planning for Microsoft SQL server servers. And now it offers proactive server optimization backed by machine learning, driving planning, forecasting and optimizing Microsoft data platform lifecycle.