SFE is proud to announce Goodera as a client. Goodera is a global CSR & Sustainability platform, co-headquartered in Bangalore and Menlo Park. Continue reading Goodera


SFE is proud to announce Hu:toma as a client. Hu:toma uses cutting edge deep learning algorithms to transform your companies knowledge and unstructured data into conversations.
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SFE is proud to announce Talea Solutions as a client. Talea Solutions was launched in 2014 to help media companies make success of their media sales. Continue reading Talea


SFE is proud to announce Pisano as a client. Pisano is the only customer experience management platform that brings you closer to your customers at all touch-points both online and offline.


Corporater began in 2000 with a dual vision: to provide easy-to-use software that drives business outcomes, and to use its business gains for the betterment of the world.
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Xeerpa is a Big Data marketing solution that allows brands to explore the social world of each of their customers, fans and followers, by analyzing the information they share across popular social media platforms… Continue reading Xeerpa