There’s no doubt that lead generation becomes more and more complicated — what once took a phone call or knock on a door, now takes, on average, 12 different points of contact to turn a lead into a sale. Integrating content marketing, social media, and telemarketing, our lead generation process ensures that sales receives an accelerated supply of high-quality leads, while we work behind the scenes, setting up campaigns, prospecting lists, developing content, and qualifying leads.

Sales Force Europe proudly offers a fully managed accelerated lead generation process. We call our three-tiered bespoke service a Lead Generation POD (Think: three peas in a pod). Our POD is comprised of three roles that adapt to each process:

Our Accelerated Leads Process includes:

  • Campaign Setup and Rollout
  • Prospect Data
  • Lead Generation to increase your funnel & gain market share
  • Lead Qualification & Nurturing via digital campaigns and events
  • Compelling Content for Lead Engagement (via socials, email, LinkedIn, etc)
  • Campaign Management & Reporting
  • Tweaking in Response to Tech Vertical and Sales Cycle Demands
  • Privacy Compliant (European GDPR & Californian regulations)

All of these strategies come with local knowledge and in ten native languages.

Sales Force Europe can provide you with bespoke international lead generation as a single offering or in coordination with our market analysis and sales team outsourcing for full-service international business development.

Sales Force Europe is the fastest way to accelerate tech sales.

Are you ready to expand your tech business internationally?