You wouldn’t buy a house before researching the neighborhood. Don’t attempt to sell to a new market without understanding your sales potential there. Using our network of enterprise buyers, channel contacts, and in-country marketing experts, Sales Force Europe can help you size the sales potential in each European country before you invest in expensive resources and time.

Our Accelerated Market Analysis delivers a country-by-country return-on-investment business justification, optimal go-to-market approach, and sales roll-out plans. We can even help with your product roadmap and localized pricing.

There are three parts to our three-part proven market analysis process, which includes up-to-date market research, live interviews with our network of in-country buyers and experts, and a geographically-specific sales roll-out plan:

Market Research & Overview

  • Competitor profiling and comparison grids
  • Local industry research and insight including news and trends
  • Intelligent, localised market segmentation

In-Country Expert Interviews

  • Industry best practices
  • Optimal product positioning and messaging
  • Local, vertical-specific case studies

Value proposition & Roll-out Plan

  • Identify your sweet spot, a combo of customer, company, tech and competition
  • Product roadmap and localised business model
  • Local messaging and product differentiation plan

Upon delivery of our Accelerated Market Analysis, Sales Force Europe will define the optimal lead generation and sales team outsourcing approach for each target country, along with an ROI justification and business case to take to your board.

Our International Opportunity Market Analysis service includes:

  • Country-by-Country Analysis: Leverage our sector and territory experts throughout Europe and the world
  • Product Road-Mapping: Learn from actual buyers what that local market needs and what they are willing to spend
  • ROI Justification: Have a country-by-country business justification for your global expansion
  • Sales Roll-out Plan: Prioritize markets and resources against a solid revenue plan

Sales Force Europe can provide you with bespoke international market analysis as a single offering or in coordination with our lead generation and sales team outsourcing for full-service international business development.

Sales Force Europe is the fastest way to accelerate tech sales.

Are you ready to expand your tech business internationally?