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SFE – “to develop international sales for Domeskin”

SFE to develop international sales for Domeskin. DomeSkin is a leading developer and manufacturer of uniquely designed 3D skins to protect high-end mobile devices without extra bulk—the result is a smooth, form fit with a personalized style.

DomeSkin was founded by a successful technology team of gadget enthusiasts, engineers and designers with years of experience in creating successful consumer products. The company goal is to provide products that offer unique protection and popular designs to match individual personalities.

The DomeSkin is specially designed to protect expensive devices while allowing users to personalize them with a unique custom style. DomeSkin products can be easily removed from the device arid come off totally clean thanks to the patented 3M technology used in the construction. Unlike thin vinyl based skins, DomeSkin products are reusable and they provide an additional 3D layer of protection. The clear dome design not only offers a customizable stylish 3D look for devices, it also inhibits slipping and allows better gripping of the device. DomeSkin products are scratch-resistant and much more durable than other thin vinyl skin products.