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SFE – “selected by Fractalia to expand sales outside of Spain”

SFE selected by Fractalia to expand sales outside of Spain. Fractalia is Europe’s leading software company in large-scale IT infrastructure management systems, for service providers and Telco operators. It makes device management platforms offering distinctive and competitive services for end users available to large service providers, Telcos and companies. Clients include leading international operators, service providers and top companies, and we are responsible for managing hundreds of thousands of devices around the world.

Sales Force Europe – “hired by Latam Training to expand sales in Latin America”

Latam Training is a consulting firm in Functional Competence-based Management, with focus on the continuous improvement of individual and group results in companies, through permanent professional development of the workers, supervisors and middle management, in both operational and commercial areas.

The firm creates and implements personnel management systems designed specifically for each client. These systems incorporate the best practices worldwide in Functional Competence-based Management (FCM) and the latest software tools for providing – via an Online Private Web Platform – information, control and management capabilities, both on a corporate and a country-wide scale: national, regional, local, geographic area, group, person.