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Flexinets – “chooses Sales Force Europe to expand”

Founded in 2000, Flexinets is a Nordic MDO (mobile data operator) with offices in Sweden and Finland. With customers in Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark, the company’s services are deployed to approximately 100 000 users all over the world with a requirement for productivity on the road and structured control of mobility cost.

FlexiNets delivers Remote Access solutions including sales, customization, installation, integration services, hosting services and support. Connectivity is based on the iPass world leading WiFi network with over 2,190,000 access points and complemented with over 260 Mobile Data networks in 137 countries for global 3G access. Integration is provided to most available security (AV, PFW, VPN, and NAC) products and authentication structures. Customization covers the customer interface, billing, reporting and usage analyses.