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Applause has partnered with Sales Forces Europe to expand it’s international sales. The company provides 360° app quality testing services, software tools and analytics. Their solutions allow for in-the-wild testing services for quality assurance in functional, localization, security and load testing, including distribution, crash and bug reporting, and in-app user feedback on iOS, Android and Windows Phone apps.

Applause works with Google, Fox, Amazon, Box, Concur, Runkeeper, and many more. By partnering with Sales Force Europe, the company aims to enable even more companies globally to deliver solid digital solutions from the web to mobile to wearables and more.


Should You Expand Into International Sales?

The right time to expand internationally is before your sales in local markets start to flatten. International expansion should be viewed as a pre-emptive strategy and not as a maneuver of last resort. Learn if your product is ready for international sales, where to begin and what to avoid.

Companies can grow their home market via aggressive sales, product development and line expansion, and/or acquisition of competitors. But these tactics become harder to execute as the local market saturates. Also, adding new products and business units may lead to a lack of focus and ‘sharpness’ that dilutes the company brand and positioning and exposes the company to a wider variety of competitors. You will be more successful in your international expansion if you stay focused on your core value.

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SFE fast tracks Livefyre’s international sales growth

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In the 7 months since social media integrator, Livefyre, signed up with Sales Force Europe (SFE), sales have rocketed. They won their first deal in less than 10 weeks and sales just keep on growing.

“Fantastic partnership” for sales growth

“I’m a huge supporter of Sales Force Europe” said Scott Sorochak, Livefyre’s SVP Global Sales and Client Services. “They do a good job of qualifying seasoned, very experienced people with the right expertise. We get the benefit of both worlds. It is a fantastic partnership so far.”

  • Within 4 weeks of working together, SFE had trained a sales person on Livefyre’s products
  • Within 3 months they closed a large strategic deal with Timeout
  • In under 9 months SFE had closed deals in the millions with a pipeline 4 times that amount
  • The success has been so good that Livefyre only uses SFE for sales outside the USA
  • SFE now has 10 salespeople and 1 sales engineer working for Livefyre, covering Europe, South America, and Asia-Pacific.

Livefyre – generating outstanding value from social media

Livefyre (http://web.livefyre.com) takes all the social media conversations about each of its clients and brings them back to their own web site – boosting website traffic, increasing engagement and driving up revenue. Social media content is a hot space. Livefyre’s products are so good that more than 600 of the world’s largest publishers and brands now use them.

Scott gave an example of how Livefyre helps its customers, bringing it to life:

“When XFactor, one of our customers, became very popular, people went to their site to see the performers. Then, over the years, their site traffic dropped. Visitors now watch their favourite stars on YouTube or Facebook and follow them on Twitter. What’s more, users on these different sites do not meet or interchange ideas. Livefyre has turned that around for them. We bring these conversations back onto XFactor’s own site, so their site traffic has increased significantly and they gain from the mass of traffic across all these popular social sites. This dramatically increases social engagement and revenue.”

The value Livefyre offers is blindingly powerful. Their case studies are compelling. At a time when readership numbers for traditional forms of publishing have plummeted and clients are spending far less on advertising, Livefyre provides exactly what they need – a powerful reason for clients to want to advertise and to pay more for the adverts. Livefyre “ingests” relevant social media content right into the body of articles. So advertisements are far more relevant. Therefore click-throughs, time on site and conversion rates for the advertisements are far higher than their customers expect. This means that the world’s top brands are paired with the most “relevant” publishers and users, creating an extremely powerful advertising ecosystem with results well above industry average. With all that, and Livefyre’s excellent customer service, it is no wonder that retention is outstandingly high – above 98%! As if that is not enough, they are innovating rapidly, with new features and functionality being deployed every month.

SFE – rocketing sales internationally for Livefyre

The leaders at Livefyre have very big dreams and aggressive sales targets.

Once Livefyre was established in the USA they wanted to expand internationally. Past experience taught them that hiring sales staff in Europe and S. America can be filled with potential pitfalls. So, to achieve their international growth objectives more quickly, with less risk and less up-front cost, they outsourced the job to sales growth experts Sales Force Europe (http://salesforceeurope.com)

Robb Miller, Head of Global Sales at Livefyre, explains why Sales Force Europe is such a good choice:

  • They allow us to ramp up faster
  • I was immediately impressed with the candidates. They are all senior sales guys with extensive rolodexes and, in no time at all, they were booking 20, 30, 40 meetings with just the right target prospects. That is special
  • I do not need to spend anything like as much time in Europe etc.
  • We avoid the massive HR burden brought about by onerous European laws. Having to wait 6 months to end a contract if it does not work out would be disastrous for a start-up business
  • If someone does not work out SFE easily finds someone else – although, so far, we have not let anyone go
  • We do not have the massive expense of setting up offices in each of the countries
  • SFE’s pricing structure means up-front costs are much lower than hiring full time people – and then, when we win business, the commissions are really good so everyone benefits

“We are all maniacally focused on selling to large companies and have ramped up very efficiently” said Robb.

Livefyre support SFE to maximise their sales growth

Livefyre does a great deal to maximise their investment with Sales Force Europe:

  • They ensured that their value proposition was so good that their products sold well in their home country before they considered expanding overseas
  • They created a month-long training programme with Sales Force Europe for all sales people
  • They developed strong sales processes (e.g. regular review sessions)
  • They manage and rate the team as highly as they would their own staff
  • They have sales support people to help the sales people convert the deals
  • Scott and Robb initially spent a chunk of time in the relevant countries and continue to regularly visit the teams to ensure performance continually improves

Would you like to see international results like these?

Call or Skype Rick or Mike at SFE today to discuss how it would work for you.

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Jitterbit – “selects Sales Force Europe to accelerate international sales”

Founded in 2004, Jitterbit is a California-based provider of a powerful, flexible, & easy to use data and application integration platform. The software allows companies of all sizes to solve the challenges of application integration, data integration, SaaS integration, and business process integration.
Jitterbit’s graphical “No-Coding” approach makes configuring and managing application & data integration a snap. Available for download & backed by enterprise-class support subscriptions, Jitterbit is the most cost-effective solution available. To date, Jitterbit’s software has over 35’000 users.

More information: JitterBit

Smith Micro – “selects Sales Force Europe for increasing international sales”

Smith Micro selects Sales Force Europe for increasing international sales. Founded in 1982, Smith Micro Software provides solutions that simplify, secure and enhance the mobile experience. The company’s portfolio includes a wide range of applications that manage broadband connectivity, data traffic, devices, voice and video communications over wireless networks. With 30 years of experience developing world-class client and server software, Smith Micro helps the leading mobile network operators, device manufacturers and enterprises increase efficiency and capitalize on the growth of mobile-connected consumers and workforces. Smith Micro’s Corporate Headquarters are in Aliso Viejo, CA.

SFE expanding RingCentral’s international sales

SFE expanding RingCentral’s international sales. Founded in 2003, RingCentral is a leading provider of cloud business communications solutions that break down the communication barriers created by complex on-premise hardware. Its solutions free people to work the way they want in today’s mobile, distributed and always-on work world. Delivered on a state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure, RingCentral’s cloud communications solutions help more than 300,000 customers thrive in a new world of work. RingCentral is headquartered in San Mateo, California.

RingCentral has been transforming how companies communicate and collaborate. Breaking down the barriers created by traditional on-premise PBX hardware, our cloud-based communication and collaboration platform offers a comprehensive set of capabilities that unify voice, business messaging, team collaboration, video conferencing, and online meetings.

Today, more than 350,000 businesses worldwide rely on RingCentral to connect employees, boost workforce productivity, share knowledge, and strengthen customer relationships—however and wherever they want.

Sales Force Europe selected by Systancia to grow its international sales

Founded in 1998, Systancia is a French software publisher specialising in desktop and application virtualization, as well as cloud computing solutions. Systancia has gradually become a leader on the european market for virtualization solutions, with a capacity to innovate which ranks it among the leading players in this sector.

Systancia always strives to best meet its users’ needs, focusing on the technological value of its products and the close relationships between its teams and its clients. Recently, the French Deposits and Consignments Fund added finance into Systancia’s capital, enabling accelerated conditions for its international development.

Valkee – “selects SFE to increase international sales”

Valkee selects Sales Force Europe to increase international sales. Valkee is a health technology company focused on harnessing the benefits of bright light to the human mind and performance. Based on long-term scientific research and development work together with Finland’s Oulu University, Valkee introduced the world’s first bright light headset in 2010. Clinically tested to remove seasonal affective disorder symptoms from nine out of tenstudy participants, the Valkee user base has already grown to tens of thousands of people in 20+ countries.

Of all Valkee users, 87% recommend Valkee to others. Additional tests and studies concerning the effects of bright light on cognitive and physical performance and jet lag, among other areas, are planned and in progress. Founded in 2007, Valkee headquarters are located in Oulu, Finland.

Omegawave – “chooses Sales Force Europe to boost its international growth”

Omegawave is the leading provider of training and performance optimizer solutions. Its products help sports enthusiasts, professional athletes, competitive teams and coaches to measure and manage readiness to maximize training and performance.

Founded by former professional athletes and sports scientists, the company is headquartered in Espoo, Finland. The North American regional office is located in Portland, Oregon, and the company has sales representatives in several markets. Omegawave products are sold globally.

Omegawave customers include:

19 Premier European soccer teams, including Manchester United, FC Barcelona, and A.C. Milan
8 National Football Federations
5 recent Champions League winners
5 Olympic Committees, including US and China
Teams from MLS, NHL, and NFL
Various leading sports science and research institutes

More information: OmegaWave

SFE – “selected by Gatewit to grow its international sales”

SFE selected by Gatewit to grow its international sales. Founded in 1999, Gatewit is a leading IT service provider and platform developer, specializing in Public Sector eProcurement, Corporate eProcurement, Business to Business Solutions, Enterprise Management Solutions (ERP, CRM, Collaborative Portals, Document Management and Workflow), IT Outsourcing Services and IT Infrastructure.

The solution Gatewit team saw on the Internet, a network that allows communication and connection between contacts around the world. From this network, our creative created a platformthat allowed organizations realize their online shopping process . No entity would have more to worry about paperwork, communication channels, proposed delivery expenses etc.

Based in Lisbon, Portugal, Gatewit has offices in Madrid, Sao Paulo and United States.

More information at Gatewit