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Innovaway: IT Service Management with a multi-language internal service desk

Innovaway IT Service Management offer employs a multi-language internal Service Desk, that is unique in Italy and among the first ones in Europe, able to handle any contact need of client companies with their employees: from the single point of contact for calls management for incidents or service requests, of which we manage the entire life cycle until terminated. The use of ITIL standardized procedures allows rapid and efficient corporate infrastructure changes, limiting the negative impact on users.

“Efecte” – Expands its IT Service Management Solution Internationally

Efecte IT Service Management

Efecte Expands its Cloud-based IT service management solution internationally with Sales Force Europe.

The Nordic software company has selected SFE to expand international business.  Efecte drastically improves organizations’ data security by ensuring only people with the right access authorization can process data. Comprehensive device management raises the efficiency of IT work and lowers costs since all hardware, including mobile devices, is registered and appropriately managed.

Their cloud-based ITSM solution is perfect solution for enterprises and public organizations. The service is provided as chosen by the customer: either through Efecte’s secure cloud service or through cloud services.  In both cases, the solution is easy and fast to use, regardless of the device.

The company develops IT Service Management Cloud solutions, an easy-to-use Self-Service Channel, and Efecte Identity software for identity and access governance. The company was founded in 1998 and is headquartered in Espoo, Finland.  And Operates in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, and Italy.

More information: www.efecte.com