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“PrivateWave” – selects SFE to expand its sales

PrivateWave selects SFE to expand its sales. PrivateWave Italia SpA was founded in 2005 with the objective of marketing innovative products to secure voice communications. Since its inception, the company chose to cooperate with universities in Italy and Switzerland to develop its technology platform. In October 2010, PrivateWave launched its Enterprise VoIP Security Suite (EVSS) designed to secure phone conversations between landline VoIP phones and mobile devices, protecting business communications. The software is compatible with Nokia, iPhone and Blackberry mobile devices and will soon be fully compatible with devices based on Android.

EVSS is the result of the encryption of mobile communications and the development of secure VoIP solutions. This integrated system guarantees full protection of voice communications from intrusions, securing all PBX conversations from landline phones to mobile devices, as well mobile to mobile calls, resulting in maximum privacy of all conversations.