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Sales Force Europe to help PulseOn expand beyond Finland

PulseOn  is a spin-off from Nokia that was founded in November 2012 in Finland by five individuals with world-class expertise in all functional areas to be able to make their vision of the world’s easiest heart rate monitoring reality. The innovation got its start in the realization of how uncomfortable the traditional heart rate monitoring chest belts are and what little insight they actually give on one’s training – the average heart rates and graphs didn’t make much sense to the founders. In addition, PulseOn wanted to bring continuous heart rate monitoring available for consumers for the first time – not just during training, but also beyond.

The company’s current team of 13 researchers and experts in sensor technology, algorithms and mobile technology, have been working hard to bring innovation to market. PulseOn ground breaking wrist device will bring continuous heart rate monitoring available to consumers for training and beyond, with a mobile application transforming the accurate heart rate data into meaningful feedback on the effect of training on the user’s body, making it truly personalized.