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SFE – “to help Oikian expand sales outside of Finland”

SFE to help Oikian expand sales outside of Finland. Founded in 2011 in Finland, Oikian provides advertisers with a branded mobile marketing solution enabling targeted consumer advertising through new marketing channels, thus creating new revenue streams via the smartphone. Consumers get only those ads that are relevant to the location, time and their preferences. They are also rewarded to make purchases based on these ads and they can share their interests and experiences.

Omegawave – “chooses Sales Force Europe to boost its international growth”

Omegawave is the leading provider of training and performance optimizer solutions. Its products help sports enthusiasts, professional athletes, competitive teams and coaches to measure and manage readiness to maximize training and performance.

Founded by former professional athletes and sports scientists, the company is headquartered in Espoo, Finland. The North American regional office is located in Portland, Oregon, and the company has sales representatives in several markets. Omegawave products are sold globally.

Omegawave customers include:

19 Premier European soccer teams, including Manchester United, FC Barcelona, and A.C. Milan
8 National Football Federations
5 recent Champions League winners
5 Olympic Committees, including US and China
Teams from MLS, NHL, and NFL
Various leading sports science and research institutes

More information: OmegaWave

Memex – “selects SFE to accelerate its European business”

Memex selects SFE to accelerate its European business. Based in Burlington, Ontario, Memex Automation, founded in 1992, offers “Shop Floor to Top Floor” Information – in Real-Time for the discrete manufacturing industry. As a world leader in manufacturing technology Memex specializes in developing many engineered products using advanced R&D and has over 12,000 customers with 280 dealers worldwide. Memex’s vision is to improve the way machines work and connect on the factory floor with Manufacturing Connectivity Solutions, to Automate the Automation, supplying component hardware, memory upgrades, and visionary shop floor communication technology. Their products allow manufacturers to realize the impact of OEE Profitability delivering the “Factory of the Future”, today.

SFE – “Client Streetline receives Award from Frost & Sullivan”

Sales Force Europe’s recent Client — Streetline — has just received the “Competitive Strategy Leadership Award – Intelligent Parking Solutions – North America, 2013” by Frost & Sullivan on the basis of the findings of their Best Practices research.

Quoting Frost & Sullivan: “The Competitive Strategy Leadership Award is a prestigious recognition of Streetline’s accomplishments in the Intelligent Parking Solution. As an unbiased, third-party, Frost & Sullivan recognizes Streetline for delivering excellence and best practices in their respective endeavors. The Competitive Strategy Innovation Award is backed by extensive analysis; companies identified, and the quality of their strategy, market positioning, and competitive intelligence are monitored and evaluated through primary analyst research. This stringent methodology positions Streetline as a superior market participant.”

SFE – “to develop international sales for DoubleDutch”

SFE to develop international sales for DoubleDutch. The DoubleDutch Live Engagement Platform bridges the gap between live events and digital marketing to accelerate marketing and sales pipeline. DoubleDutch helps marketing professionals transform analog events into digital, social experiences to produce measurable event performance results.

DoubleDutch offers the most innovative, engaging mobile conference application in the events industry. DoubleDutch Events is designed for companies to thrill event attendees, surface leads, and host engaging, data-driven events with advanced mobile technology. Companies like Cisco, Roche, Wells Fargo, Lowe’s, Box and Eloqua are using DoubleDutch at meetings and conferences worldwide. Get a branded mobile app to engage conference attendees today.

More at DoubleDutch

RapidValue – “selects SFE to develop its mobile apps sales”

RapidValue selects SFE to develop its mobile apps sales. RapidValue is a business and technology solutions firm, focusing on generating accelerated business value enabled by disruptive technologies like the touch-screen mobile technologies and cloud computing. Our expertise spans the areas of product development, business consulting, project and program management, implementation and support services in cutting edge mobile and cloud computing technologies.

RapidValue believe in delivering business value in rapid spurts and not the traditional way of long wait for ROI. The company thrives on rapid and pragmatic approach for product creation and project execution, ensuring business benefits that are evident from the get-go.

SFE – “to help OCIRIS develop its business”

Ociris was founded in 2003. After having developed application for French and Swiss customers the Ociris company became an international group that focuses on Service Desk, Management Consulting and Security Management in IT.

The strategy of our group is to become one of the main european actors in the fields of Management Consulting and Business Process Engineering. Our main goal is to provide consulting in order to set up the most efficient and effective business processes in your organization and be able to continually improve them. We also focus on eliminating security threats. We can provide: audits, penetration tests, investigations, business continuity plans.


SFE – “selected by CCI to accelerate its business Europe”

SFE selected by CCI to accelerate its business Europe. Communication Components Inc. is one of the fastest growing providers of base station enhancement products. Its innovative products are designed to allow service providers to get the most out of their base station investments. Whether capacity expansion or coverage enhancement is the objective, CCI has the appropriate solution to meet the need. With thousands of field-proven solutions in deployment, in 2G, 3G, and 4G environments, CCI brings expertise, technology, and reliability to meet all your base station enhancement needs. CCI offers several coverage enhancement solutions that provide fully link balanced self contained systems that are custom designed to seamlessly integrate with existing BTS equipment. CCI also can custom configure complete turn-key in-building systems for small office through large campus-wide systems.


“Outbox” – chooses SFE to boost its international growth

Outbox chooses SFE to boost its international growth. Outbox’s team consists of more than 350 professionals who successfully carry out CRM and other implementation across Europe and the United States. The company also offers its own specialized products for telecommunications, media and the financial industry in the traditional model (On Premise) as well as cloud computing (On Demand).

Outbox’s multichannel CPQ module supports Contact Center or Point-of-Sale staff enabling them to provide end-customers with friendly guided selling while introducing order logic & validation to make sure every order placed can be fulfilled. It reduces new offer launch cost and effort as well as order capture error ratio. Product Catalogue module may also distribute offer and product information to external systems such as order management, billing and provisioning.