What We Do

Sales Force Europe’s mission is to help high-tech companies rapidly and profitably launch their businesses to new international markets – without the costs, risks and delays associated with opening foreign offices and hiring local employees. We offer a networked service of sales and lead generation professionals combined with proven strategies, resources, and contacts to take you to new markets quickly.

We work as on-demand sales professionals who represent your brand in-country, blend in with your company culture, and leverage local market knowledge and customer contacts to make revenues manifest quickly.

We deliver Sales Revenue for Technology Companies. Sales Force Europe provides an alternative to staffing up dedicated sales offices throughout Europe.
Sales Force Europe has helped over 200 technology companies expand to international markets. With over 60 active Sales and Marketing professionals, our mission is to help high-tech companies rapidly and profitably launch, develop and expand their business – without the costs, risks and delays associated with opening foreign offices and hiring local employees.

We help tech companies grow in 28 countries and 14 languages throughout Europe and beyond, with a combination of these three bespoke services:

Sales Force Europe is the fastest way to accelerate tech sales.

Are you ready to expand your tech business internationally?



Within 30 days of your first call with Sales Force Europe, we can launch an experienced sales force anywhere in Europe. We are Low-Risk: Your contract is with us, so you don’t have to worry about European employment laws

  • We are Fast-to-Market: Our sales teams are trained and engaged in one month versus the usual six months
  • We are Senior: You get access to the right caliber of talent who delivers revenue alongside great service
  • We are Local: Tap into existing customer channels, buyer accounts, and local relationships
  • We are Scalable: One contract across all of Europe with controlled costs and ability to grow along with your revenue
  • We are Effective: First revenues, on average, come within six months, with an average of 300% to 500% return on investment


Sales Force Europe has successfully scaled more than 200 tech companies in four main verticals:

  • Mobile & Telecommunications
  • SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, Middleware, & Other Cloud-Based Solutions
  • IT Manufacturing
  • Internet of Things & IP Networking

We believe our success is built on our specialisation, both in high tech and in local market and cultural knowledge.


After more than a decade managing sales teams in the Silicon Valley, Europe, and Latin America, Rick Pizzoli founded Sales Force Europe, seeing a need for a more flexible, faster path to global expansion. Since 2003, our team has grown to more than 75 hand-picked local sales professionals, each with an average of ten years’ success in tech sales before joining us.

Our experts in international sales, marketing, and lead generation are ready to represent your tech brand in new markets, filling in the following roles, as needed, on demand:

  • Part-time & Full-Time Account Directors
  • Country Sales Managers
  • Channel Management
  • Lead Generation & Business Development
  • Content Marketing & Telemarketing
  • Technical Support
  • Sales & Marketing Support

Our services expand and contract based on your international scaling needs. No need for employment contracts to get up and running, but with an opportunity to later incorporate our reps into your team.

Meet our Management Team, based in Madrid, London, and San Jose, California.