A Guide to Sales Outsourcing in Europe

This is where it all began back in 2003. Sales outsourcing in Europe, after all, is our bread and butter. But it’s not really sales outsourcing in Europe. And it shouldn’t be looked at as just sales outsourcing to Europe. Europe’s not a monolith — it’s a complex market made of about 50 countries and almost as many languages. It’s really tailored sales outsourcing in each major European market — the U.K., Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Benelux, the Nordic region, and more!

So when approaching sales outsourcing in Europe, you need to really understand when to use it and when to hire your own sales reps. Hopefully, this guide to sales outsourcing in Europe will act as a compendium of ideas that answer your questions so you can take the next step in your European expansion.

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What is an outsourced sales model?

An outsourced sales model doesn’t just come with experienced sales representatives, but it can include B2B lead generation, inside sales, sales engineers, sales management, and more. We not only break down what exactly is an outsourced sales model, but how to examine your existing sales process to uncover the right parts to outsource — or not. 

Learn what an outsourced sales model is.

Why do companies outsource sales?

Are you looking to lower your risk while increasing your speed to new markets? To test out new markets? Are you worried about silos? Are you looking for more metrics-driven business development? Then sales outsourcing may be a good fit for you — it was for some companies. Learn from their experience. 

Outsourcing’s got talent. Do you?

Should sales be outsourced?

This piece dives into how to identify your business model and see if it can be applied to sales outsourcing. Get an overview of the benefits of sales outsourcing when you are looking to expand abroad and compare it with traditional recruitment processes.

Read on to answer this question.

What are the benefits of outsourcing sales?

Well, it depends on how much you want to outsource and what you want to outsource.What are the downsides of outsourcing sales? There are many benefits of outsourcing sales ranging from saved time or money, to local compliance, to flexibility and scalability, to easier expansion to new markets.

Learn if these outsourced sales benefits matter to you.

What are the downsides of outsourcing sales?

It’s not all glass half full. If you partner with the wrong sales outsourcing agency, you are increasing your risk. So how can you prevent that earlier on? You need to keep it real. Understand the costs involved — transparency is key. You could worry you’re going to lose control just when your scale-up finally has its footing. You don’t want disconnection from your team. 

Click to three tricky questions to prevent these downsides.

Five common objections to sales outsourcing

Yes, rumors can be based on truth. We aren’t saying these objections to sales outsourcing aren’t valid, but this guide helps you understand how to vet a sales outsourcing agency against fair concerns like: How do I control outsourced sales reps? Isn’t outsourcing just cold calling? Isn’t it pricey?

Address the 5 most common outsourced sales objections now.

How long does it take to get started with an outsourced sales model?

In a traditional recruitment process, it can take at least six months to recruit a sales rep abroad. Outsourced sales, especially with reps already active in Europe, can cut the time down to about a month. Learn how an outsourced sales model can be a solution in certain situations — and especially learn how certain things, like staying compliant to European laws and regulations.

Get ready to do the math.

Sales outsourcing for scaling up and market expansion

Are you looking to expand to a new market or vertical? Don’t forget to consider your new customers, including culture-language fit and nuances. Sales outsourcing offers flexibility in response to markets, which offers your company more security in times of uncertainty. 

Read on for ideas and a case study.

Debunking three myths of sales outsourcing

Lot of stuff on the internet is true, but a lot is not. To be successful with sales outsourcing, you don’t always need a huge budget. The right sales outsourcing agency will actually have loads of local, domain expertise in your niche. And you don’t have to lose control. If you do it right.

Learn how to overcome the myths to work with legends.

Is the outsourced sales model a good fit for all industries?

You don’t want to outsource your medical care or education. But, especially certain industries are really well-suited to an outsourced sales model. This is especially true in tech who have been frankly outsourcing services forever. Learn how outsourced sales work for tech companies, telecommunications, IT distribution, and cybersecurity — with specific examples of success.

Dive into which industries outsource well.

How to hire a good sales outsourcing company?

It runs the full gamut out there. Learn the questions you should ask and the red flags you should look for when looking to hire a good sales outsourcing company. This is especially of concern when you are hiring an outsourced sales team abroad, in a new market that you don’t know, perhaps working with sales reps or a whole outsourced sales team you don’t know. Learn how to create the right partnership for optimal ROI.

How to hire outsourced sales.

Sales outsourcing for growing SaaS startups

Bread and butter really are great together. So is sales outsourcing for SaaS startups and scale-ups. That’s because SaaS works on a high-growth model, and SaaS sales work well with the hybrid sales model. Learn the key attributes for sales reps and sales managers of startups in order to scale efficiently, with the help of outsourced sales for SaaS.

Gain your own balance of expertise, speed and growth.

Why sales outsourcing is a great fit for SaaS?

We dive into more of the how and why sales outsourcing is just a really good fit for SaaS. And then how to choose a specialized SaaS sales agency to help you close deals faster. SaaS is also a good option to close deals more easily via inside sales.

How is your SaaS growing?

Sales as a Service

Let’s call this the other SaaS. Because we are a SAAS company (sales as a service) that specializes in selling SaaS (software as a service.) SAAS is the hot new term for in-demand sales outsourcing. This is also not the toss-it-over-a-wall sort of outsourcing, like some cold calling services. Sales as a service intentionally embeds in with the customer processes and tools, with sales reps even representing the company — with email addresses and LinkedIn — and joining team sales calls.

Learn more about the other SAAS unicorn.

Three principles of sales development methodology

Positioning. Pace. Practice. Read on to understand sales development and how to position your project, the speed with which you want to move, and how to develop a culture of continuous improvement. 

Do you already have a sales development team?


What is an outsourced sales model, and how can it benefit my business expansion in Europe?
Why do companies outsource sales in Europe, and how do I know if it's the right choice for my business?
What are the potential downsides of outsourcing sales, and how can I mitigate these risks?
How long does it typically take to get started with an outsourced sales model, and how can it expedite market expansion in Europe?
Is the outsourced sales model suitable for all industries, or are some better suited for it?

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