It’s Time To Level Up Your Lead Generation Strategy.

Are you ready to expand your tech company abroad? Lead generation is the essential first step in cultivating consumer interest in your product or service in a new market or vertical. But success is not achieved in stale lists anymore. A quality lead generation strategy begins with a measurable understanding of your unique value proposition. Then it’s about adapting it to local languages, messaging and markets. Next strategic lead gen researchers go hunting for the right profiles within accounts, and begin qualifying them in a GDPR-compliant way. And that’s just the beginning. From there, you need someone who understands your technology and can move prospects down the pipeline.

We offer you this lead generation guide to help you understand what is lead generation nowadays and how to expand your lead gen strategy and bring it abroad, so your tech gets in front of more qualified buyers faster. And then we take you further down that rabbit hole — or sales funnel — toward ‘sold’ with what is inside sales and how it fits in nicely with your lead generation strategy.

How To Build Your International Go-To-Market Strategy

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Video: What is lead generation?

What distinguishes modern lead generation from the same old? In just two minutes, this video is a solid introduction to the secrets of successful lead gen. Our CRO Gavin explains just what is lead generation, how to continuously stimulate and validate interest in your product, and how to make it mathematical, systemic, and multichannel so you can generate higher quality tech leads.

The three-headed beast of modern lead generation

A modern lead generation strategy is not built on cold calling. It commences in domain-specific research, followed by compelling content marketing that clarifies the value proposition, and then is guided through the sales funnel by a business development representative or BDR. It must be tailored to both local and varying vertical audiences and is not only direct contact, but an act of ongoing brand awareness across social media, newsletters, WhatsApp, and so much more. Most importantly, it is always grounded in lead conversion metrics, allowing for continuous improvement. Read this, our most popular blog post, to really dive into why great lead generation doesn’t come down to one person, but a cohesive, metrics-driven team working to close.

Video: Build an interactive, international lead generation strategy

How do you build a successful lead generation strategy that is compliant and successful anywhere in the world? When does your broad-reaching tech demand a wide lead funnel and when does it require more hand-holding and account-based marketing? In just three minutes get a perfect primer for how to build a lead gen funnel that converts — locally. Most importantly, it gives you a quick primer on how to do it while staying compliant to local data privacy laws.

How does your lead generation strategy stand out?

What used to be associated with bulk cold calling of eager buyers is now as much about building a relationship. If you’re on LinkedIn that might be surprising — you know how inundated the tech industry is with half-hearted lead generation strategy. It’s unfortunate but pushes you to try to be more authentic to be heard above the cacophony. You need to constantly measure and iterate on any lead gen plan. And you need to be sure you are reaching out to the right contacts with a persuasive multichannel approach.

In this post you will learn:

  • How you start, continue and end with measuring to iterate and improve
  • How to create the right lead gen list on who, what and where to target
  • How to develop a multi-channel lead generation strategy, adapted by market

Video: How to generate predictable revenue with lead generation

Reliable. Stable. We all want predictable revenue. How does a modern tech company achieve this? Through careful recruitment and training of a numbers-focused sales team. And very metrics-focused lead generation.

During this hour-long livestream our CEO Rick has a conversation with author of Predictable Revenue and From Impossible to Inevitable Aaron Ross about how to make both those things happen. Because no international expansion strategy can be enacted without reliable revenue and replicable processes. This hour-long recording is a deep-dive into generating predictable revenue, performing customer segmentation, and measuring metrics to manage predictability. Both Aaron and Rick will also talk about how to stand out from the noise and zero in on what’s working (and not) in European outbound lead generation.

Apply reflection, planning, and metrics to your international lead gen strategy

Even if your intention is global expansion, that doesn’t mean targeting a whole continent like it’s a single country is the right move to make. And it doesn’t mean just casting a huge net over a broad range of prospects, verticals, and new markets. Your international expansion has to be planned out ahead, measured and adapted to each target.

Anyone in tech knows if you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. Rick talks you through what to measure back home to then strategically bring your business abroad, and to understand what to take with you and what to use to make a new lead generation strategy, tailoring your messaging to your new audience.

In this post, learn how to:

  • Develop a focused lead generation approach
  • Map it out to new markets
  • Get local perspectives on your content
  • Decide where you’re headed
  • Understand your existing metrics

The hottest lead generation trends for 2022

Yes, life seems less and less predictable, but some trends continue. We can’t make a lot of predictions for 2022, but we can make some solid ones that the most flexible and metrics-based lead gen strategies will succeed. We talked to our lead generation partner Tim about how to apply hybrid working to lead gen and sales, and how to collect intent data that works. Finally we make some pretty solid predictions on what’s not going to happen in 2022. We predict hybrid lead generation and an increased emphasis on datas. And, most importantly, more than ever, humans are looking to connect with more humans.

11 fast lead generation tips

As our CRO Gavin puts it: “We need lead generators to educate the market as to why they should be talking to us, and that requires a multichannel approach.”

In this post our partners just offer 11 quick ways to make a big impact on your lead generation strategy and move things down that sales funnel. Click to learn how to be a more empathetic listener, with a camera on, ready to make a personal impression. Read on to see how, at the same time, to be methodical and metrics-focused. And finally learn where to dedicate your time and when you should probably just walk away.

Plus get to know who you could be working with, gaining insights from our network of European lead generators and business development managers.

Video: What is inside sales?

A solid lead generation strategy can stand on its own. Or it can be logically paired with an inside sales strategy to close smaller deals. In just three minutes get the lowdown on what is inside sales and how to use it to always be closing — even when you can’t fly to meet your clients

Inside sales is the epitome of successful remote sales and sales engineering. It’s a more cost and time efficient way of closing reasonably sized deals. Although that will vary by sectors or verticals. Watch this three minute intro to understand how inside sales works, how it benefits from sales coaching, and how it’s really well-suited for sales outsourcing, especially when you are looking to take your tech company abroad.

What is inside sales and how it can help your sales goals?

While lead generation services are often offered stand-alone, they are perfectly paired with inside sales services. As Gavin puts it: “Inside sales is the ability to close mid-value deals faster without the cost and time associated with going to customers.” Dive into the sundry benefits of inside sales and how it can drive sustainable revenue. And learn how it’s best served with a side of lead generation services, as the perfect one-two punch.

So are you ready to vamp up your lead generation strategy? Just remember a modern lead generation strategy doesn’t just go in one direction. It is a continuous process of cross-medium branding recognition, followed by real conversations with verified prospects. And, like any successful business expansion, a lead generation strategy must be constantly measured, reviewed and revamped. Continuous improvement isn’t just for code anymore.

Do you still need help developing your international lead gen strategy? Or perhaps you need the right local partners to help internationalize your existing one? Our network of local tech sales and business development reps across Europe are here to help!

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