Europe Lead Generation & Inside Sales

Target the right tech buyers. Close deals faster. Changing how lead generation services work.

Leverage local content marketing and lead generation tactics to make sure you are putting the right potential customers into your funnel. Then use local inside sales representatives who are selling SaaS all day long. 

Save Face

It takes an average of 12 points of contact to turn a contact into a sales-qualified lead (SQL). You don’t want to miss your chance with target-less, one-size-fits-all content. Make sure you’re communicating the right message to the right culture. Via multichannel Europe lead generation, available in ten languages.

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Save Time

Qualified lead generation means your team isn’t wasting time cold calling. Or struggling to create a localized campaign for a foreign market. You need to move fast to reach new markets. Our qualified lead generation strategy and specialized inside sales gets you in front of new prospects and closing deals sooner.

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Save Money

Our unique inside sales outsourcing service takes you from qualified leads to signed deals. Our inside sales representatives and SDRs spend their days selling SaaS to qualified prospects, in the local language, culture, and timezone. All with the support of our regional management teams.

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"We wanted lead generation that integrated with our marketing team and Sales Force Europe have done exactly that — I don’t think of them as anything but our team members. We now have five callers supported by research, mentoring and coaching as well as strategic account management. They consistently achieve targets bringing experience of multiple vertical markets and insights across our pan-European target markets.”

Raevyn West, Senior Director of Growth Marketing, ENGIE Impact

Our flexible Sales Team Outsourcing allows you to deliver a highly qualified international sales team to where you’re most successful.

One contract to rule them all:

> Expand and contract in response to different new market demands
> No overhead cost of building a new office, lengthy, expensive recruitment, or transplanting successful salespeople into a foreign environment
> You control the budget. You set the OKRs and KPIs. Full transparency.

Most new team recruitment engagements take 6+ months.

With Sales Force Europe, your new team can be on-boarded and talking to your new potential clients in just a month.

> Hand-selected sales execs are already in local markets with established networks.
> The partnerships you need. Enterprise buyers, channels, partners.
> Streamlined and precise processes to get you there.

You can have your own international sales team.

Without the costs, risks and delays associated with opening foreign offices and hiring local employees. We handpick a team that meets your needs. Completely under your brand. While keeping your budget and objectives under control.

Each of our more than 75 sales executives:

> Has more than a decade selling tech locally
> Has a network of local tech buyers and channel sales networks
> Understands your tech niche in the local culture and verticals

We have the expertise, but you’re in control. If something isn’t working, we’ll change it.

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