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Your European sales manager is the backbone of any efficient sales team. Responsible for assisting in the meeting of benchmarks and goals, a good sales manager can completely change the outcome of your business expansion.

At Sales Force Europe, our sales management services enhance your entire sales process. We offer pre-launch planning, country and vertical selection, messaging review, team building, and ongoing management. With our expertise, we optimize your sales efforts, ensure product-market fit, and deliver on revenue targets.

When you’re expanding into the European market, the sales management team from Sales Force Europe can help streamline your operations.

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Growth opportunities in the European market

The European tech market will have a bright outlook in the coming years. According to Forrester, from 2024 to 2027, European tech spending will grow by about 4.5% to 5.5% a year, despite short-term macroeconomic challenges.

When you are looking to expand to new markets but can’t relocate yourself, outsourcing can act like a European business development director in your stead. Outsourcing an effective sales manager in Europe or to a specific country market is important for the large-scale, diverse markets that the continent holds. Without an expert sales manager, the sales team may struggle to find and implement effective strategies for revenue growth and success.

A good sales manager should ensure that the team is always metrics-driven toward success while also providing the business with the people and strategies needed to understand its goals. Most importantly, in an outsourcing partnership, your regional sales manager acts as your line of communication. After all, transparency is key to any successful expansion. 

Each of our country managers has been selling technology in local markets for several decades.

We have established regional sales managers across Europe, including in our core markets:

  • U.K.
  • France
  • Germany
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Nordics
  • Eastern Europe
  • Turkey
  • Africa

They have the on-the-ground knowledge and the relationships in place not only with local prospects but with talented sales reps and BDRs ready to represent your brand.

Strategies for successful sales management

At Sales Force Europe, we have an experienced and skilled sales manager in each of our markets that will be assigned to you, whether they are just advising the team on the ground or if they are acting as your European fractional CRO or business development director. Then, a meticulous process will be observed to ensure maximum efficiency and measurable results. Here are the strategies to ensure a successful outsourcing partnership with your sales management team.

Finding the right expansion partner

Finding the right partner is imperative. Experience, qualification, and professionalism should be their core attributes. The right partner will ensure that the service manager is equipped with the right amount of effective skills to undertake the task. The expansion manager should understand the market, the location, the target market, and all factors that are involved in the generation of active leads.

A lot of sales agencies provide off-the-shelf, too generalist teams and lack local and domain expertise. Not us. We are ready to deploy whole teams of regional experts to help you reach Europe faster. With more expertise and less risk.

Establishing clear goals and objectives

Upfront strategic planning and setting goals and objectives are the first step toward overall business success. With no clear objectives and measurable deliverables—transparently feeding into your CRM—your time and money can go to waste, hastening your business expansion. An effective sales manager can identify opportunities and strategies as well as act on them in a structured manner. 

At Sales Force Europe, we are an intentionally metrics-driven organization and our regional sales managers make sure you have full insight into budget and sales activities. 

Understanding your customers' needs

Products and services are designed to meet customer needs. This fulfills only half of the overall duty of a business. The other half is ensuring that the customer receives the information and drives to pursue the product or service offered. An experienced sales manager can identify these needs as well as how to approach them through a detailed strategy.

Developing a comprehensive onboarding and training plan

Onboarding sales reps is an essential part of the process, as our sales representatives act fully representing your tech company. A comprehensive training plan is used to keep the sales team up-to-date with the overall processes to follow. Focusing on sales metrics and coaching is an effective and essential way to drive an efficient sales team toward overall business success.

Furthermore, our approach extends beyond sales representatives to include the coaching of business development representatives (BDRs) and other team members involved in the sales process. We provide the necessary guidance and support to enhance their performance and align their efforts with the overall sales strategy.

Implementing effective communication strategies

Communication and sales go hand-in-hand with one another. Good communication can be the difference between a productive and effective team and one that does not meet the overall desired goals and standards. Developing effective communication strategies and implementing them is a key role for any professional sales manager.

Fractional chief revenue officer (CRO) for growing European tech companies

Our fractional chief revenue officer (CRO) plays a crucial role in the early stages of a startup or scaleup tech company. As a senior executive, our experienced fractional CRO provides strategic sales leadership on a part-time basis, specifically designed for European tech companies experiencing growth.

This fractional model allows companies to access the expertise of a seasoned CRO without the need for a full-time commitment. With a global scope of responsibility, our fractional CRO helps drive revenue growth, optimizes sales processes, and accelerates market expansion for our clients.

Sales Force Europe - Leading B2B technology industries since 2003

Since 2003, not only has Sales Force Europe been providing B2B lead generation and sales outsourcing services for tech companies expanding into and across Europe, it has been providing sales coaching and sales management to deliver better performance and clearer communication with our customers. Sales territory management is part of what differentiates us from other outsourced sales agencies.

The SaaS and B2B technology industries can be tricky and daunting to navigate, especially in a new country with a different culture and language. Having the right partner is essential to ensuring success for your European expansion.

Sales Force Europe has aided in the expansion of over 500 SaaS, telco, fintech, cybersecurity, and Greentech companies such as Adobe, TiVo,, Engie Impact, Daon, Vault, and many more.

Our partnership could be the push that your business needs to succeed in the ever-growing and ever-changing European market. Book a consultation with one of our experts to get started on your strategy!


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