Why do people outsource lead gen?

Are you looking to scale your SaaS business abroad? Outsourced lead generation can be a strategic piece of any go-to-market strategy.

Here are ten reasons we think our flavor of outsourced lead generation may be the right way to scale to a new country or vertical.

Quick Start.

In-house teams need to be recruited, whereas an established BDR agency can train up on your tech and USP, and then will start qualifying leads in just two weeks.


Lead generation companies specialize in finding and attracting high-quality tech leads. They bring proven strategies and experience — in the local language and culture of your target markets.


Our BDRs deliver a mix of outreach methods, from email marketing and LinkedIn campaigns to calling, so your messaging stands out.


SaaS companies excel at building and developing software. In today’s market, lead generation is not just about finding a person to pick up a telephone, it requires complex data systems, analysis, technology and the input of people and management. Outsourcing lead generation frees up your team to focus on what you do best.


When you’re just testing out a new country or vertical, it’s important that you can easily scale your outsourced lead generation efforts up or down without incurring significant fixed costs.

Technologically Advanced.

We speak fluent Salesforce (or your CRM!). Our custom tech stack scales with you, from high-volume lead gen with AI prioritization to managing deals and pipelines. Get up and running faster.

Totally Qualified.

Outsourced lead generation teams can identify key stakeholders and qualify tech leads better, setting meetings for your sales team with the most promising prospects.

Metrics Driven.

Track activity, sales pipeline, and everything in between with our easy-to-read dashboards. Weekly reports, including conversion metrics from MQLs to SQLs and meetings booked.

Centrally Managed.

All centrally managed by our senior sales leadership who provide coaching for continuous improvement, and act as your link to teams.

Cost Effective.

Building an internal lead gen team requires recruitment, hands-on training, infrastructure, and ongoing sales coaching and management. That’s a big financial and time investment before you’ve proven your market — and a lengthy one considering rigid European employment laws. With outsourcing, you control a single contract from the get-go.

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