Innovation Wire

Innovation Wire is a hub for innovators, technologists, futurists and impact-drivers. Our innovative workshops and summits empower individuals and organisations with the mindset, skillset, and network to build breakthrough solutions that leverage emerging technologies... read more

Hu:toma: Natural language understanding engine

Hu:toma uses cutting edge deep learning algorithms to transform your companies knowledge and unstructured data into conversations. Hu:toma’s NLU engine helps you process and understand complex user queries. Our NLU engine classifies users’ intents and extracts all... read more

Ozmo App: Device Support for app providers

Ozmo helps mobile operators and their consumers solve any device or software issue quickly and effectively. Device support is becoming increasingly complex as more devices and software updates are released. Keeping up with this complexity using traditional support... read more

Arozzi: Ergonomic Gaming Chairs

Arozzi is a Swedish company founded in 2013 with focus on ergonomic chairs and other productivity enhancing items for gamers, high performance PC users, coders and others. Arozzi gaming chairs feature ergonomic design with high levels of comfort and a refined... read more

VibeCatch: Next Generation Job Satisfaction Polls

VibeCatch is an advanced employee engagement platform that utilizes frequent pulse polls and analytics to help companies build better culture and improve their bottom line. It is the only employee engagement tool that leverages the effective Quality of Work Life (QWL)... read more

Mobile World Congress – highlights

Mobile World Congress – Highlights With 2,300 exhibitors and over 300 speakers, Barcelona’s Mobile World Conference (MWC) is mammoth. Even if you attended in person, you couldn’t have seen all of it, but that’s not a problem. Whether you made it to the... read more
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