Lead Generation in France

Looking to sell your SaaS in Europe? Look no further when targeting your lead generation in France

France has a rich tech startup ecosystem that has expanded over the last five years, and it truly welcomes international disruptor technology. On the other hand, France is notorious for its bureaucracy which makes it inflexible and challenging to set up a legal entity and to recruit and retain staff. And while France is advanced in terms of technology, it expects every deal — even its president — to be done in French. Read on to learn how to approach B2B lead generation in France — or contact us to partner with on-the-ground experts. 

Our France Country Manager since 2016: Yves de Beauregard, 34 years of tech sales in France

Lead Generation in France Checklist (What you need to know before you go):

  • Nailed your ICP and testimonials in home country 
  • Have proof of concept of your tech in action
  • Case studies and notable references
  • Customers with French branches or existing tech buyer network in France (or partner with BDRs that have)
  • Marketing and sales materials translated to French
  • GDPR compliance
  • Understanding that France involves more decision makers
  • French BDRs who understand your vertical
  • Presence at local industry events
  • Be able to accept local payment providers
  • A presence on Viadeo, France’s LinkedIn competitor 
  • France takes off for August and December, so best not to launch then
  • A base in Paris or someone representing your brand there
  • Patience and time - France lead cycles are longer

“It tends to take more content-led, upskilling brand awareness, educating our audience before we really engage with them in France.” - James Smith, our BDR account director. 

Close deals in France faster with less risk by working with our lead generation outsourcing specialists who’ve been kicking off French tech expansions since 2003.

Emerging and established sectors in France:

  • Banking and fintech
  • Energy sector, greentech, sustainability, carbon measuring
  • Cybersecurity
  • Health tech and medtech
  • Transport
  • Tourism and hospitality 
  • Space research 
  • Agricultural technology, called AgroTech and AgTech
  • MarTech
  • Insurtech 
  • Any cost-saving enablers

Looking to expand your tech through B2B lead generation in France? Partner with Sales Force Europe for proven French campaigns pitched to qualified prospects. Get your SaaS in front of prospects in under a month with French BDRs that are metrics and coaching focused. We also can help you close more SaaS deals with a full team of inside sales reps, all with the technical domain and experience in France.

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