Scaling B2B Software Sales In EMEA Markets

Watch as our CEO Rick Pizzoli talks to this global group of budding entrepreneurs at Slush, the world's leading startup event, about the "dirty word" that's essential to your tech org — SALES. Because how much time have you documented and measured your sales strategy? You can't just rely on how disruptive your tech is anymore. You need to have a strong international B2B strategy if you want to sell SaaS to enterprises and make that mark.

Full Video Transcript:

December 14, 2014

Rick Pizzoli
My name is Rick Rizzoli. I'm the CEO and founder of Sales Force Europe. Today I'm going to talk about a dirty word. And that word is Sales. A lot of people talk about strategy. A lot of people talk about disruptive technologies. People talk about fundraising. But not many people talk about sales. And I don't know why. Because without sales, you don't have revenue. Without revenue, you won't have a very successful company.

So you spent years developing your technology and building your company. But how much time have you given to planning sales? And how did we end up thinking about sales or talking about sales or hoping for sales, but how many times have you sat down and documented your sales strategy and followed that strategy?