Partner Livestream: Predictable Revenue Podcast: Planning Your Demand Generation for 2024

Spend an hour with us demystifying your 2024 demand generation strategy with us! Join industry leaders Collin Stewart, Amir Reiter (CEO, CloudTask), and our very own Rick Pizzoli (Founder/CEO, Sales Force Europe) as they dissect "Planning Your Demand Gen for 2024."

Dive into:

  • Unlocking success: Analyze winning Account Qualification Models from 2023 and apply them to your new game plan.
  • AI on-point: Master the art of AI-powered messaging, with expert insights on fine-tuning models for maximum impact.
  • Beyond the buzz: Get ahead of the curve with predictions for 2024, including the rise of specialized niche AI providers.
  • Global perspectives: Gain valuable insights from across continents, featuring US expertise from Collin, EMEA focus from Rick, and global agency trends from Amir.

Ready to boost your demand gen and skyrocket conversions? Watch this video and get the winning strategies for 2024.

Full Video Transcript: